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Dynamic Equities | June 12, 2017, midnight

Amid much ups and downs, 2016 has been an eventful year for the Indian equity markets. Right from the Union Budget in February to Brexit to Demonetization and not to forget GST, all the major events of the year has had a massive effect on the markets.

Take a look at the Economic Year 2016 followed by a few suggestions for 2017.

Important Events of 2016

Let’s take a quick look at last year’s Top performing Sectors. At the top of the list was NSE Metal index which rose 43%. The NSE Energy Index which rose by 19% claimed 2nd place while NSE Auto Index filled the 3rd place with a 10% upward movement. Barring Pharma and IT which were down by 13.9% and 9.96%, all other Indices closed in the green.

This Sector wise Performance report highlights the Sector-wise Gainers & Losers for the year.

Major events that impacted markets in 2016

  • 29th February 2016 Union Budget 2016-17
  • 24th June 2016 Brexit (Britain exit from Eurozone)
  • 29th September 2016 Surgical Strike against Pakistan
  • 8th November 2016 Demonetization effect was seen on 9th November 2016
  • 8th November 2016 US presidential elections effect was seen on 9th November 2016
  • Urjit Patel was appointed as the 24th Governor of the RBI.

The Indian Markets witnessed frequent bouts of volatility on the backdrop of historic events in the year 2016. However the Benchmark Index Nifty remained in the positive territory and was up by 1.59% in the year. The Nifty fell by 269 points on the budget day and saw a sharp decline of 280 points on the day of the Brexit referendum. The Index was jolted by a fall of 482 points in a single day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a surprise Demonetization move on the 8th of November.

Amidst all the uncertainties backed by Global and local events, the Index registered its all time high of 8969 on the 7th of Sep 2016. The bigger picture however reveals a story laced with euphoria even as Nifty rallied by 2000 odd points from its lows of 6826 on the 29th Feb to its peak of 8969 on the 7th of Sep 2016.  

Economic Indicators

  • India’s Inflation rate remained under control between 3.63% in Nov and 6.07% in July for the year 2016.
  • The Reserve Bank of India slashed its Repo rates came from 7.75 to 6.25, a drop of 150 basis points in the year 2016.
  • 2016 turned out to be a rough year for the Indian currency as the INR weakened against the USD and made a high of 68.88 on the 25th of Feb 2016.

The stocks to watch out for in 2017

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Looking ahead

New Year brings with it, hope and optimism for growth and favorable economic conditions. Events that will be the key factors next year are-

  • Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections 2017. The dates are yet to be announced.
  • Union Budget 2017-18 which will be announced on the 1st Feb 2017
  • Third Quarterly results for Indian companies listed in the NSE post demonetization. (From Jan 2017 till 15th Mar 2017)


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