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Guest Author | June 17, 2019, 2:53 p.m.

This has been a challenging economic year for people every year. People are looking for ways to increase their income, without risking their carrier. These are not kids looking to make pocket change. They are young adults, trying to get their life started. They are middle-aged parents with a mortgage and two college tuitions to pay, and they are retirees who are not happy just golfing three times a week. In other words, they are people, just like you. They want to spend a little time, and a little money, getting started. This is where they discovered Direct Ship Merchandise. 


Direct Ship is the decade’s smartest way to make money. As a matter of fact, when you look into programs like Autods has backed up the “Best Side Hustle.”  First let’s take a look at what direct shipping business is. You sign up with a company who is going to list your store. You sign up for their program. AutoDS has constant price and stock monitoring. Your orders are automated and processed as quickly as possible. This is to keep it moving and discourage cold feet and cancellations. The most loved feature is the “Hot Item” finder. The program will grab hot items for you and you are able to sell what’s on fire, while it is still smoking. The tracking number is automatically uploaded.  If you choose AutoDS, right now you would get 100 listing for a price of .99 cents for a month. After that the price goes up, but it still less than $10. You select your product. The company markets your products. When it sells, they ship it for you. They collect the money. If something doesn’t sell it is replaced.

DS Comparison - Chic site to direct ship

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When you sign on to this website, it looks like a high-quality website. The website allows you to choose your selections. Across the top you will see a tab that reads Dropshipping Tools, Services, Suppliers, and Exclusive discounts. The tools included are side by side sites that allow you choices. You are able compare and choose. 

There are many other tools and links to guide you. This is a leading site with state of the art connections. Take some time to look through it thoroughly before you start setting you drop shipping up so you will get it exactly like you want it.  


The main idea behind Oberlo is this. “Ten best side hustles to make $1000 a month online. The unique thing about Oberlo is they have 85 million products available to you. List your items, place your orders. Oberlo will ship them from your merchandise and bill them. 

You can take a no inventory, no risk attitude. When you have your dropshipping side hustle moving, start looking into other avenues of making your $1000 a month. There are posts on the site (check the blog) that will tell you how to get started. Begin with freelancing. There are plenty of ways you can write, blog, edit, and journal on blogs. Start your own blog. Once you are set up, start reaching out to others who have blogs like yours, backlink them and try to get them to backlink you.  

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Doba takes all the effort out of direct shipping. Their site says, the first 2 weeks are free and after that, there is a low fee. You will have hundreds of platforms. You select the products that you want to feature and have them featured on your site. When you make the sell, you order the product from your manufacturer. You buy the product from them, pay for it and the profit is left in your account they ship directly to your customer. This is the easy way and no doubt one of the best side hustles for making fast money.

There are many ways of making money online. But, with direct ship, the work has been done. This is an easy way to take take the ball and run with it. This will also introduce you to many influencers who can comment on your webpage which is worth its weight in gold. So, get started today, you will not find anything easier.

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