All About Your Favorite Garage and Car Insurance

IndiaNotes Team | July 14, 2016, 3:41 p.m.

The cashless facility was initially found in health insurance plans and proved beneficial to all. It helps insurers to avail emergency services without paying up upfront. Hence, its increasing popularity has now made automobile insurance companies to offer cashless garage facilities. The cashless garage facility is a boon for all vehicle owners and has many benefits.

What is Cashless Garage in Car Insurance?

If you possess the cashless facility in your car insurance plan, you can get your car repaired in the event of any damage. This can be done in the network of garages that is listed by your insurance company. You have to inform the insurance company and then head straight to the partner garage. There is no need to pay up-front, all you have to do is wait until your car is inspected and repaired. The garage will then settle its bills with the insurance company, and the voluntary excess or co-pay is the only component that you would end up paying.

How Does It Work?

Insurance companies have tie-ups with a list of garages that are often mentionedon their website. As part of your car insurance agreement, the garage would inspect and repair the damages to your vehicle. It forwards the bill to the insurance company, and they examine the full details of it. If the damages are covered under the plan, then the company would disburse the payment to the garage. If not fully covered, the insurance will only pay for the insured parts, and you are liable to pay for the rest.

Benefits of Cashless garages

  • You do not have to pay upfront for repairs
  • It is the responsibility of the insurance company and the preferred garage to get the bill settled. There are not many worries posed to the vehicle owner
  • The network of garages listed on the insurance company’s website is a reputed and reliable place to get your repairs done
  • The partner garage offers good customer service and any of your feedbacks or complaints can be addressed by the claims assistance team of the insurance provider
  • Make the final payment at the end of the repair, if there is any difference amount that is leftover and unsettled by the insurance company
  • In the event of uninvited repairs, avoid out of pocket payments and stay at peace

We can avail many benefits as such from the cashless facility, and it is the most preferred mode of claim settlement by all. The cashless claim service is the best way to get your planned repairs done with ease. When the repair of the car is inevitable due to theintensity of the damage, and you have tiny cash to spare, a cashless garage facility comes in very handy.

However, in the event of a breakdown on theroad, thecashless garage might not work in your favor. You never know if the nearby garage is listedon the company’s network. Thus, a roadside assistance feature will be helpful to get the vehicle to the partner garage for inspection.


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