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  • Here We will discuss good value picks that will outperform the market in 2013 !
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  • Vinod Datar (owner) Hello All Members !!!  
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  • praddumn ingley Gold made a 5 years its time to watch gold condition in market lot of news are cooming soon


Stock Talk For -2013 !

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    • November 28, 2013
  • shruti gupta
    shruti gupta: BUY UNITED SPIRITS FUTURES ABOVE 2650 TG-2662/2682/2720 SL-2629(CMP2628)


    BUY UNITED SPIRITS FUTURES ABOVE 2650 TG-2662/2682/2720 SL-2629(CM...  more
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    shruti gupta: Intraday trading in MCX and NCDEX live calls for today, calls are open click here and view our calls  more
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    Brijesh maniyath: DLF and  JP  are  for  selling  now
    • May 1, 2013
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    • May 1, 2013
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    Subhash Gadodia: Sunpharma looks good at current level with stoploss of 942. Short term target 1000.
    • April 30, 2013
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    rashi gupta: 100% RISK FREE 

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  • Vinod Datar
    Vinod Datar: KHODAY INDIA ! BSE Code 507435

    Looks attractive on the ground that promotors holding(89.54%) in this Co. is to be diluted as per the SEBI Guidelines before 30 Th June 2013 .Promotors either have to sale their stake or to make an open offer for buy back of...  more
    • January 9, 2013
  • Vinod Datar
    Vinod Datar:
    • January 8, 2013
    • Vinod Datar
      1)SDC’s plant is situated in gujrath & so it has a locational advantage . Gujrath where the clear mandate for BJP will help the Govt. to roll out its plans viz. building five million houses over five ears, build metro rail sevices, increase port capacity. It will boost the demand for cement & so the pricing pressure is not substantial. Gujrat accounts for 8 % of all India Cement sales & 35-40 % of the western market including Maharashtra & Goa. Gujrath has registered a compounded CAGR of 9-10 % against all India CAGR of 8.5 %.
      2)Companies in Western Regions are better placed as utilisation level in this region is very high which results in increase in the demand for cement against supply.
      3) Talking to CNBC Channel on 26-12-12 Mr.Shailendra Chouksey Director of JK Lakshmi Cement told that the demand for cement has picked up first in Gujrath & so there is a price increase of RS.10 to Rs.15 per 50 kg cement bag in Gujrath w.e.f.24Th Dec.12 & he is expecting ano...  ...  more
      • January 8, 2013