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5 Stocks That Can Make You a Definite Millionaire

  • Investing long term is difficult to most of the investors as 98% of them approaching the stock market to make money in a fortnight. However, if you are an investor with common sense, you should have known the wealth creation is a long time process. Homework and selection of right stocks have important part to play in this. Stocks which business monopoly and durability, regular dividend payers and have high y-o-y growth in profit, sales, ROE etc.. would be some of the points to consider when selecting stocks to invest for long time.


    Here I am revealing 5 Indian companies to invest for long time to create wealth and be a definite millionaire. The beauty of these pick are, these are major companies with strong fundamentals and history of rewarding investors for longtime. These are the best stocks you can certainly select to invest for the future of your children too, as these business have ability to grow the inested money with your child grows!


    1. CRISIL – This is the toppest in rating and Analysis Company in India with high durable advantage to their business. If you hear the rating of anything in the market, the name of CRISIL should have associated with that. The name itself shows its unavoidable position in the market. This is a Zero debt company with high monopoly in the market, not only in India but also several international markets.
    2. MCX – Multi Commodity Exchange, the best in India and the 3rd in the world. This would be a golden pick if you get the stock price less than 1000. Wait for that. AS an exchange, it has high name in commodity market and no competitor able to beat. It is a true monopoly.
    3. HDFC – No need to say anything more. It is in the list of most ethical company with a high year to year growth in ROE, CAGR etc.. Invest for long term and your child becomes a millionaire as the money invested in HDFC would grow with your child without any doubts.
    4. ITC – India cannot survive without ITC. This cigarette major has diversified business model from cookies, FMCG, Food and hotel businesses. This is defensive stock to protect your money as well as a growth stock to grow your money slowly but steadily.
    5. NMDC – Government sector company with strong monopoly in the business which it engaged too. This investment can be considered as a fixed deposit but the returns would be much superior. It can be considered as a capital protection investment against above 4 stocks, if you wish.


    Myself personally hold the above stocks for my kids with an investment focus of 20+ years. My ITC stocks have been already doubles with the bonus and the total profit if I sell now, would be 200%.


    Save the future of your kids with these stocks..


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  • Sherin  Dev
    Sherin Dev These are great stocks to purchase by the next downtime, which may sometime take years, and with a focus to build wealth for your kids. These stocks have ability to grow along with our kids!!! They are super stocks with less risk...
    December 12, 2012 - 3 like this
  • dipali rajwardan
    dipali rajwardan Most of the traders try to make good money from trading in the stock however only a few of them are able to make any good income out of their trading. The most important thing that you need to do is to make the right research on when to invest in the mark...  more
    January 21, 2013 - 1 likes this
    SHRISTOCK TIPS MCX and NCDEX Get inclusive Detail about Share, Commodity and Indian stock,share market tips. Get more details
    March 29, 2013
  • Jignesh Shah
    Jignesh Shah I agree broadly with your selection of great companies. However, not so sure about NMDC - the government will surely find a way to destroy value.
    The second point is valuation - many of these stocks are quoting at valuations that are closer to historic h...  more
    June 18, 2013

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