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How to Find Long Term Investment Picks

  • One of the difficult tasks for those looking for long time investments or Buffet Style investing is the identification of right stocks to pick. Is there any simple ideas to find the best stocks that give extra-ordinary returns for long time? Here are some simple tips for value investors on picking companies that have superior quality and durability:


    2 Tips to Identify Best Investments


    TIP#1 - One of the best practice to identify a best company to invest is through identifying the monopoly products in the markets. For example, Nestle for Horlicks and baby foods, P&G for Vicks, Pidilite for Fevicol, Gillette for Razors, Marico for Parachute, ITC for Cigarettes, United Spirits for liquor space. These are all the companies having moats in Indian market. Those who have identified these companies invested longtime back, might be millionaires now.


    TIP#2 - Identify the forthcoming blue chips - This is too an easy thing if using commonsense. Prestige is a best example for the same. It was running below 100 rupees a year back and have raised to 3000+ per scrip. There are lots of such investment opportunities around us but identifying such products and investing on the companies manufacturing the same would be fantastic option to create wealth.


    Is there any such companies are in picture at present:


    Yes there are some in my mind. Once of them is FDC a zero debt pharma company, producer of low cost medicines in India as well as foreign market.


    Second is Schneider Electric, a multibillion foreign switchgear company that have listed recently in India.


    Both the above companies have a stock price less than 100 and it is easy for an investor to pick and hold. However, these are the picks for long term investors which a focus of 10 years or more. Both are the best scrips to gift for your children..


    Author bio: This article written by Sherin Dev, an investor and writer, who owns personal finance blog


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