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Why you should publish Technical Calls online

  • In the current scenario, many businesses are going online. ‘Online’ is the new buzz word. It is a necessity for every business provider to have an online presence, otherwise they are perceived to be technologically backward or outdated.


    So, if you are an individual/firm who provides stock calls/tips on a daily basis, or if you offer investment advice to your clients, then publishing your technical calls online is the need of the hour to stay ahead in the race.


    What is a technical calls newsletter?

    In layman’s terms, technical calls newsletter is just a list providing trading information on an intraday/weekly basis for the reader/investor trading in the stock market. It is a list of stock recommendations given to clients.


    Since, we have already covered the design aspect of a technical newsletter in the previous article, I’ll skip to the main part of this article which explains the importance of publishing your technical calls online.





    All the big names in the Indian Financial sector were once small firms, but over the years they have built a brand image for themselves by regularly publishing reports online i.e. on their websites and other financial platforms.  Similarly, even you can build a brand image for yourself by publishing your technical calls on your website on a regular basis. If your website does not pitch to a large target audience, then finding a suitable website which caters to a large audience in your respective domain would help.


    Tracking the performance of your recommendations:

    A technical newsletter acts as a proof of your performance. The recommendations provided by you in a technical newsletter will not only help readers gauge the performance of your calls but also build a sense of trust in them, which will guarantee years of loyalty from your customers.


    Wider Reach:

    By publishing your technical newsletter online or on a major financial platform, you stand to benefit from the huge viewership the internet garners and also multiplies your reach, nationally and internationally. This enables you to have a diverse client base ranging from NRIs, HNIs to retail investors.


    So why wait?  Go online and discover the hidden benefits of online publishing, in the form of an ever increasing client base.




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