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The story of an investor


    It is that time of the year when my employer asks me to show the proof of investments I have made for tax saving; a gentle reminder that being a defaulter would lead to deduction of tax at source from my next month's salary. So, basically I need to part away with my hard-earned money- either park it in some financial plans (ashamed to admit, I'm yet to start with one) or let my next month's salary get shrunk post tax deduction at source. Even though I would be rather more interested to save the money and splurge it on Flipkart or Jabong, I'm bound to think about terms like savings and investments (which is good somehow for a wayward investor like me!Smile)


    So, how an investor like me behaves in a year? In the first month of every new financial year, I'm high on hopes about managing my money well, taking wise decisions about investments and savings. Trust me, I take this resolution every year. On the first day of the first month of a financial year, I spread out my financial plan. After taking a look at my long-term and short-term plans and goals (yes, I'm talking like a financial planner!!!), I calculate how much I can save from my meager earnings. Not much, but still optimism is in my blood (My blood group is B positive!). Savings targets are set and I promise myself to meet them diligently.


    Now comes the difficult part-execution of the plan. And lo!! It is Friday! I struggle between my resolution to save and my inclination to shop (don't blame me, I'm a girl!!!). I try to recall the wisdom quotes about saving to keep my mind away from thinking about that beautiful black dress I saw the other day. I know, you can imagine me being trapped in the game of "See-Saw" with spending and saving at either ends. Weekend pizzas and alcohol, shopping festivals, holiday trips to home via flight as well as ever-increasing rent of accomodation, inflation, increasing onion prices....the hole in my pocket keeps increasing as well.



    Execution is tough, but I refuse to get defeated. The review has not been that bad; at least for the last two months. I have saved a few thousand rupees and I'm aiming to save more..I thinkTongue out). Usually, my resolution gets strengthened as my cell phone beeps with an incoming message- "Salary credited" (The second most beautiful message in my inbox!!! Tongue out). With Pink Floyd's "Money" playing in the background, I'm in a philosophical moodInnocent. "Money can't buy happiness" but "There is no such thing as a free lunch"! This christmas, my wish to Santa is to transform me into a wise investor. Santa whispers "It is all about MONEY, Honey!".




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