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    India Classified Market Outlook to 2020 - Rising Adoption of Online Channels and Growing Number of MSME's to Foster Growth” provides a comprehensive analysis of the online and offline classifieds in India. The report covers various aspects such as ...


Why Europe May Be Your Next Buying Opportunity

  • Well, it may be time for you to begin looking at Europe again as a buying opportunity. As my readers know, in these pages, I have shown some previous negativity toward the region; however, let me explain why I feel Europe may offer a buying opportunity now.

    There are over 800 million inhabitants in Europe, so it’s a massive market for companies and those in search of a buying opportunity. The middle class and wealthy are established and ripe for products and services.

    The region still has its fair share of issues, including an unemployment rate of 12.1% in the eurozone in July and 11.0% in the European Union, according to Eurostat.

    Yet in spite of the fact that over 26% of workers are pounding the pavement looking for work in Greece and Spain, the economy of Europe has been slowly improving and moving towards growth.


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