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Email marketing - Integral part of your marketing journey

  • Email marketing has become an essential part of engaging and targeting prospects and clients online. In fact, eMarketer reports that 97% of small businesses use email marketing to connect with customers.

    So what is EDM?


    EDM is electronic direct marketing wherein promotional mailers are sent to targeted list of consumers. In such advertising/marketing campaigns the marketer mainly tries to maximize the conversions by targeting the desired group of individuals, depending on the product being offered.

    One of the greatest advantages of EDM is measurability, the marketer can gauge the performance of an EDM campaign precisely by monitoring and analyzing certain metrics. Email marketing helps you understand what type of consumer is interested in your product, what kind of product interests him; based on the analysis of this, business strategies can be altered.

    Email marketing was initially tagged as spam and too salesy, but the tag has been relinquished with the rising importance of online marketing and advertisement. Companies these days are investing more in EDM’s and the response rate has also been on the rise like never before.


    How to build a successful email marketing campaign?


    The success of email marketing mainly revolves mainly around the content. Even though content is an integral part of a successful mailing campaign, getting the recipient to actually click on the mail and perform the desired actions, call to action is necessary. Call to action should be easy in terms of navigation and lead to relevant pages.

    The entire marketing process is more of a journey than a mere click. EDM happens to be the first part of that journey, followed by communicating and building a relationship with the customer.


    Further, the success rate also depends on the format of the email. If the format of the newsletter is complex and difficult to navigate, it brings down the possibility of a conversion. Bringing in personal touch by addressing the consumer by name also contributes largely in the success of an EDM. Providing relevant links leading to relevant pages, the timing of the mail being shot, the target audiences for the EDM etc. are other aspects that contribute in converting an EDM campaign into a successful one, which in turn has significant impact on the conversions and sales.

    Some final words

    EDM these days have become an integral part of business marketing strategy. Since they can be targeted to the desired customer group, majority of the small businesses are turning to this form of marketing to offer their products & services and be in touch with their customers.



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