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Technical Calls Newsletter - How to get more subscribers

  • A newsletter is one of the most subtle ways of building your brand. It can help you gain new clients, establish yourself as an expert, and it gives you the most targeted leads.


    So now that we’ve established why newsletters are good, let’s talk about what exactly a technical calls newsletter is, and how it can help stock advisors.


    First off, the term “newsletter” should not scare you off. It is extremely simple to make one, and even simpler to promote it. In basic terms, a technical calls newsletter is just a list of some of the calls/tips you have given in a day or a week. Write your calls out in a simple word document, highlight your recommendations and you’re good to go. Put this up on your website, or even better, find a publishing platform, like a financial website, and syndicate it to them.


    Let’s see how this single word document can do wonders for your brand -


    Once you’ve found a platform for your technical calls newsletter, all you need to ensure is that you are regular with publishing it. The newsletter is then read by thousands of readers. Your calls, or tips, are being read by a huge section of the financial community and if they find your calls useful, you know they’re going to contact you for long term, detailed consultation on their stock investments. The more successful your newsletter is, the more you are cementing your brand.


    A few do’s and don’ts -


    - Don’t fill your newsletter up with salesy messages. The reader is there to view your stock calls, and decide whether your calls are good or not. Let your work speak for itself, don’t depend on gimmicky messages.
    - Be regular. If you’ve said that your newsletter is a daily, make sure it gets published every day.
    - Timing is crucial. Most traders and investors prefer reading calls first thing is the morning, before the markets open. This prepares them for the day ahead. Make sure you newsletter is published before the markets open. This will give your newsletter the most page views.
    - Give proper calls. Not an analysis of the last day’s performance. Readers will only convert to leads if you give them something useful to act on for that trading day. Basically, make sure there is a call to action for every tip you give.
    - Simplicity is the key! Catchy images can lure the audience but will simply distract them from the basic motive.


    If you would like to promote yourself and increase your subscriber base, contact [email protected]



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