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Social Media for technical analysts-part II

  • In my last post, I wrote about the advantages of having presence on social media if you are a technical analyst, particularly on Facebook and Twitter. Hoping you would have already tried some of their benefits first hand, let’s now move on to two more upcoming social media platforms that can help you promote your business better – LinkedIn and Google+ (or Google Plus).


    LinkedIn: It is one of the most powerful networking tools in professional space that can help you in growing your reach, exploring new opportunities and much more.


    The do's

    • Start with providing a thorough description of what you do in your profile. Explain your job role accurately so that people understand how you can be of any benefit to them.
    • Join groups that are relevant to your business. Be part of discussions on these groups and give insightful inputs.
    • Write posts on LinkedIn and make them more interesting by adding images and linking to suitable videos. The content that you post must make people understand the value that your business can offer.
    • Ask for meaningful testimonials and endorsements that draw attention to your business skills.


    The don’ts

    • Avoid posting something that may hold little or no value for people you are connected with. Such posts, sooner than later, go unnoticed.
    • Be active on your LinkedIn account. Try and post something at least twice in a month so that you remain on people’s minds.
    • Remember that LinkedIn is a professional networking tool. Therefore, refrain from posting personal material that deviates from your business objective and confuses your audience.


    Google+: The only networking tool that can help you a great deal in maximizing your visibility on Google search pages. Since Google+ works exclusively with Google’s search engine, it improves your Google search rankings immensely!


    The do's

    • Use Google+ to maximize the SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which enables your business to show at the top of the search results faster.
    • Place a +1 button on your site and encourage people to click it and share. This can have a great impact on improving your Google search rankings.
    • Use Google+ Circles or create a community to connect with potential customers and people of your industry. You can significantly improve your search rankings with growing number of followers.
    • To make your content stand out, use the formatting options like bold, italics, underlining, etc. that Google+ offers.


    The don’ts

    • Don’t keep yours posts text-heavy. In fact, make your page look more interactive by adding images and videos (relevant ones only).
    • Do not miss out on using keywords that you would like your business to rank for. For example, as a technical analyst, do not forget to use trending terms associated with trading, stocks, etc. with hash tag (#)
    • Do not run promotional offers as Google+’s terms of service do not let users run promotional offers.


    Just a few wise words to leave you with when you plan to promote your business on any social media:

    • First and foremost, build your business page and get people to like / follow it
    • Decide a frequency, stick to it and post consistently
    • When posting equity calls, post during the market hours to get maximum visibility
    • Interact with your network – comment, reply, explain and discuss as much as you can
    • Set schedules to share your posts – may be 2 updates in the morning and evening – so that your followers are not spammed


    Social media can do wonders to your business if you use it right and effectively. So get started and see your business prosper through this amazing medium!



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