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Importance of Social Media

  • Growing use and importance of social media is evident in our everyday lives. Like how it helps us stay connected with people personally, it also assists businesses (significantly) in staying connected and, much more!


    Social media is certainly something technical calls analyst should try out as it has immense capacity to make your brand powerful. It can enhance engagement for you like never before, and in turn, propel your sales and find you some loyal bunch of fans/followers.


    It is a marketing avenue with a lot of potential because it offers:

    • Round-the-clock online availability: Even though you may not really be, social media gives an impression of you always being available.


    • Reasonable pricing and flexibility: From giving you the liberty to customise your content, to not having to pay much for a benefit like this – social media is truly winsome!


    • Wider reach: The potential social media possesses to reach to people is unmatchable.


    • Easy and economical access to information: From your customers’ perspective, social media is a trouble-free and very cost-effective way to obtain information.


    From the plenty of options available, there are some sure-shot social media websites that work really well for stock market traders or technical analysts to promote their business. Facebook and Twitter are certainly the first to appear on our list. Read on to find why and how to best utilise these for maximum advantage:


    Facebook: Not restricted by a character limit, this platform must be utilised by technical analysts to justify their stock calls and provide analysis around them.


    The do's

    • Use popular and relevant keywords as hash tags. Though, do not exceed more than two in every post. You can try keywords like #stockcalls, #sharetips etc.
    • Limit your posts to 4-5 a day, so that you don’t spam your followers
    • Use other social networks to attract visitors to your fan page on Facebook
    • Make it an engaging platform and share content about other related topics as well, for example, how union budget will affect stock markets can be an interesting read for your followers
    • Respond to questions directed to you and encourage discussions and debates


    The don’ts

    • Do not post only plain text content. Always try adding images to make your content more appealing. Relevant images only!
    • Do not just advertise your services but also educate your followers. You can give tips on technical analysis or share something about how to read charts, etc.


    Twitter: The fastest and the most effective way to break news, that’s Twitter for you!


    The do's

    • Use hash tags and twitter handles extensively – the standing out features of Twitter should not go wasted
    • Use URL shortners to save on your already meagre character space
    • Retweet the tweets that are relevant to your business
    • Observe the trending topics and hash tags and follow them
    • Use images and videos to enhance the quality of your content
    • Make sure Twitter is integrated with your other marketing efforts
    • Use Twitter analytics to know what is clicking with your audience and what is not


    The don’ts

    • Once you have started, do not be inconsistent with tweeting
    • Over tagging is a big no. Limit yourself to maximum 2 hash tags a post
    • Avoid personal tweets on a company page and be selective about you follow



    So do get started with building your page on Facebook and Twitter, get likes and followers to get the boost. Also, make sure your profile is complete and informative in case someone wants to connect with you personally. Contact information like phone/mobile numbers and email addresses, etc., must be provided.


    Besides Facebook and Twitter, other social websites that you as a technical analyst must try to give your business visibility an edge are Google+ and LinkedIn. We will cover their advantages in our next write up. Till then, hoping for fruitful times for you while you share, post and tweet away!






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