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How to reach your target audience in Tier 3 cities

  • Given the economic development, there has been a noticeable spurt in the number of cities in India. The towns are getting bigger, and moving on to become cities. Urbanisation is evident everywhere.


    The tier 1 and 2 cities have people ready to consume any and every service or product one can provide – or so we think. A lot of advertising strategies for marketing campaigns are devised for only these cities in India. The fact of the matter is that consumers in tier 1 and 2 cities can most probably afford to buy more, but then, they are not the only consumers willing to buy.


    Amidst all the development, tier 3 cities have taken a back seat. In the financial trading market scenario, a lot of publishers overlook the fact that tier 3 cities would also have people wanting to buy their services. One can also call this a niche segment as the strategy that may work for tier 1 and 2 cities, may not work for tier 3 cities. And your marketing campaign would have to factor that in. What we often forget while advertising is that with favourable economic conditions, the tier 3 cities are growing at a brisk pace. The disposable income has also increased, which in turn has resulted in increased consumption from such cities as well. Therefore, these cities’ audience in mind is certainly worth a shot.


    How to go about reaching out to your target audience in tier 3 cities?


    Let’s face it, the approach used for tier 3 cities may have to be a little traditional. Unlike their rapidly developing siblings, tier 3 cities may still face issues, now less known to the bigger cities – for example, robust infrastructure. Robust infrastructure includes vigorous internet connectivity, which for tier 3 cities may still be a bit of a distant dream. Even if the internet ‘connectivity’ may not be such an issue, people here may not as yet be hooked to the benefits of online presence or be very tech savvy. Eventually, tier 3 cities are just about awakening and beginning to take form.


    Even so, this is not valid enough a reason to overlook this market. Let’s take an example of a flourishing city like Baroda (Vadodara) in Gujarat - a tier 3 city, indeed. Gujarat is as it is a hub for financial trading, and Baroda is an integral part of that hub.


    As we know, the online world is vast and global, but it also has immense local reach. So your publisher’s target audience in Baroda may very well be familiar with online trading, but they may be more comfortable doing so in Hindi or their local language. It helps to understand that tier 3 cities are not so proficient with English, so if your ads are targeted in the language which the masses understand (like Hindi), it would make for a successful campaign.


    Another thing to remember here is to use the less popular websites also as your platform to advertise. In our pursuit to find more relevant audience, we often get blinded by the assumption that we can only find customers on big financial websites, while ignoring the smaller ones. We don’t recognise that these smaller websites actually have a better local reach! Also, the local websites need not be ‘directly’ related to your product or service. For example, your product is related to real estate. In that case, you do not necessarily have to restrict yourself to advertise on a famous real estate website only. Instead, you can advertise on a befitting financial website or any other, which is related to business.



    Also, there would certainly be a fair share of people in tier 3 cities who are comfortable trading with an analyst who is more local and therefore more approachable as well. It may feel like a more personalized, and therefore a more reassuring experience to them to deal with their local stock trading advisor, and his website. And, money and reassurance is as good a combination as my evening tea and tarts, I say!


    To cut the long story short, do make an effort to also focus on smaller things (like smaller cities, smaller websites, etc.).



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