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4 tips for technical analysts to ride with the bull

  • The equity markets are booming, and Nifty and Sensex are breaking record highs consecutively. Indian market is witnessing growth in volumes of trading and transactions. With the current upsurge, there is no better time than this for the technical analysts to attract more investors to the financial services they offer.


    In this opportune time, we are going to suggest you the ‘smarter’ ways to promote yourself to achieve maximum results with minimum efforts through this article. So read on!


    As a technical analyst, you would have already explored various options of promotion. While continuing with them, you can also add the options stated below to reflect the success of trading markets in your business!


    • Sponsor a section: Select a few worthwhile websites and look for their top performing sections or widgets, and then sponsor that sweet spot! This can get you prominent and high visibility.


    • Use database of websites and send your newsletters to them: Approach a financial website that has an impressive amount of visitors. You can have the website send your newsletter to their database or visitors at a nominal charge.


    The icing on the cake!

    While the above stated ideas can definitely help you with more exposure and better reach, what personally takes the cake for me, is the effort someone has taken to customize a product or service. So do make sure, your cake is not missing that essential part – the icing! How you can do it is:


    • Modify your services around your customers’ needs: There are times when your customers would need you to go out of your way to furnish them with something really specific or niche. Suppose you are providing a monthly service and your customer is in need of a weekly or a fortnightly service. In such cases, first gauge the demand for such services and see if you can actually modify your services around your customers’ needs.


    • Engage the visitor by giving him additional information: The users visiting your blog/site may be interested in various topics related to finance, such as – stock market updates, news about commodity or currency markets or articles on personal finance. It is very difficult for you to produce all the information by yourself, in such a case you can take help of widgets, because:

             - Widgets add to the content you already have on your site

             - They provide more value and variety for your readers

             - They fill in any gaps on information that you have on your site

               (for example, say you have equity information in one section.

               Wouldn’t it be great if your readers could also access news on commodity and

               currency on the same page?)


    This way, your blog/website becomes a one-stop-shop for the user and he will remain engaged and get married to your website Wink


    We hope these tips help you get the better of the upsurge in the Indian stock market! Happy trading!



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