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Which ad campaign best suits your business?

  • For an advertiser, the campaign setup to promote his product or service is an integral part of driving sales.


    As an advertiser, a company is familiar with the importance of a good campaign setup. A campaign setup in general involves many features. However, if one is to further break down the nitty-gritty’s of the setup, one of the most important aspects that emerges is the campaign type.


    Campaign type is easy to determine. It starts with defining the very objective of your campaign.


    Is your campaign aimed at conversions or remarketing?


    To briefly explain the difference between conversions and remarketing, conversion happens when a visitor takes a call to action on your website and becomes a paying customer.


    Whereas, remarketing comes into the picture when you try certain approaches to bring a visitor to your website again and then convert him into a paying customer. It is an ongoing process of converting a visitor into a customer. With information available at the tip of our fingers, every customer will explore all the options available and choose the best out of all – in such scenarios, remarketing in different ways like content marketing, mailers, text ads, display ads, etc. help register your brand name in the users’ mind. So, the next time a user thinks of purchasing, he instantly thinks of you.


    For each of these purposes, viz. conversion and remarketing, there are two broad categories of campaign types - ‘display or rich media ads’ and ‘text ads or search ads’.


    An advertiser should go for a display or rich media ad when his main intention is inclined towards branding. Thanks to its intrinsic features, a display ad stands out and helps the brand to remain at the top of the visitors’ mind. In comparison, a text ad is subtle and is more integrated with the content of the website it is on.


    Depending on the nature of your business or offerings, you should decide what advertising model works the best for you. The basic advertising models comprise:

    • CPM (cost per mille/per 1000 impressions)
    • CPC (cost per click)
    • CPL (cost per lead)
    • CPA (cost per acquisition)


    Now let us take you through which of these four ad models would work the best for you, in different scenarios.


    Let’s say you want a campaign that helps you with some great branding and drives the traffic to your website. In such a case, the CPM model can benefit you the most, as it will provide you with the data of the impressions that you got on your ad. For example, you are a stock advisory company that publishes weekly newsletters. A CPM campaign would make your audience aware of your services and will induce them to subscribe to your newsletters.


    CPC is a step further, where you would know how many people are actually clicking your ad, and not just watching it. Suppose you are a small scale stock advisory firm, who wants to make it big in the all-encompassing financial world. A CPC campaign on a publisher’s website that caters to a larger audience would drive significant amount of traffic directly to your website.


    CPL is another move ahead, which notifies you when your mere visitor has actually become a lead for you by filling out a form that your website requested for, or so on. For instance, if you are an insurance agency, this can be a suitable ad model for you as it helps you get what matters the most in your business – the leads!

    CPA, or the cost per acquisition, counts when the visitor has ‘acquired’ a service or a product from you. Let’s say you are an e-commerce portal, for whom branding or getting leads wouldn’t mean as much as the visitors really buying from you. In that case, this is the ad model to go for!


    In each of these setups, look for a suitable publisher who can furnish your requirements for every ad model. The advertiser and the publisher must be able to come up with the best option and customize the campaign so that it is at par with your business aspirations.


    So get your brain racking, and choose wisely the most effective way to advertise your campaign!



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