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Finding a right publisher - gateway to an effective ad campaign

  • The rise of digital era has done good to various industries – advertising, undeniably, being one of them. From offering various types of ads (banners, pop-ups, video, rich media, etc.) to flexibility of placing them – the digital space has been enormously welcoming and increasingly popular. Every ad agency out there is busy trying to maximise the online presence of its clients by eyeing for the right spot on the publishers’ webpage. But is it always easy for an ad agency to live up to client’s expectation, while knowing about the constrained offerings of a publisher?

    As such, running an ad agency can be quite a challenge by itself. From keeping your clients pleased, to being shrewd with your publishers/vendors - while keeping your profit margins uncompromised - calls for fair amount of both flair and tact. It’s like juggling with three tasks, with poise and élan, and you cannot afford to drop any of these!

    Given the kind of technological advances that have been made, every ad agency deals with a publisher, which is an integral part of media planning. With variation in client and client needs, it is not always an easy task to zero in on the publisher. However, if as an agency, you have two essential steps of planning and execution in place, you can promise yourself (and your client) a fair chance of tasting success!

    Planning starts from the scratch. So, it pretty much starts with choosing the right publisher(s). Choose a publisher who is just the right medium for your target audience. For example, if you have a financial product to advertise, pick a publisher who caters to financial domain or/and deals with advisory services, mutual funds, currency and stock trading, etc. Another very important point here is to compare quantity against effectiveness, when it comes to ad impressions. Publishers may offer you ‘more’ number of ad impressions; however, if an ad appears more often but does not create an impact on your audience, then it’s an ad wasted. To focus on the effectiveness aspect, it is important that you truly understand:

    - the product/service you are advertising
    - the target audience
    - the platform to reach to the target audience

    Execution comes in as soon as your plan is ready. Implementation of ad tags or publishers not providing top slots can be a common problem you may encounter. Let’s face it; you cannot get a top slot every time. But in such a scenario, what should one do? Rather than fighting for a top slot at the main page of the website, try and find the most relevant sections of the website and find a noticeable slot there. Branch out into niche themes and create an effective ad campaign for your specific target audience. Also, do remember to ask for page views of these relevant sections before placing an ad. .

    These simple steps prepare you to deal better with your publisher and know what to expect from your ad campaign. In the next write up, we will cover the topics of reporting and optimisation of ad campaigns. Till then, get started with these ideas and get your plan rolling!



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