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Which Regions Works Well for Premium Car Exchange in India

  • The highest sales of luxury cars originate from northern regions of India which primarily includes Delhi-NCR, Chandigarh and Punjab. These cities constitute majority of the demand.

    It has been estimated that in the northern regions, an average urban household tends to have more than 2 cars. However, rising population in these regions leading to higher traffic has led the luxury car buyers to prefer exchanging their existing car.

    Luxury car makers have witnessed a sharp uptick in demand from South with the rise of new-age entrepreneurs. Although, the higher sales for luxury cars still originates from northern region, but the growth rate for luxury car sales is higher in southern region.

    The exchange of luxury car is growing in line with the sales, with majority of the demand being witnessed to arise from car upgradation. This is primarily backed by growing personal disposable income, which has led the luxury car seekers to opt for new models frequently.

    For every company including Audi, Mercedes and BMW, southern regions has posted highest share in car exchange business with share being recorded at ~%, ~% and ~% respectively out of the total car sales in these regions.

    Western region has witnessed highest growth in sales of luxury cars. Due to higher preferences of car upgradation especially in Mumbai and Gujarat, the sales of luxury cars through exchange mode has swiftly increased.

    Mumbai and Ahmedabad have relatively higher number of luxury car and pre owned car showroom and thus have attracted higher eyeballs of ever growing urban class.

    Table: Regional Exchange Sale of Audi Cars in India on the Basis of Number of Units, 2015

    Regions Car Sales through Exchange in (%), 2015 Car Sales through Exchange in Units, 2015
    North ~ ~
    South ~ ~
    West ~ ~
    East ~ ~
    Total ~ ~


    Buyers in Eastern part of the country had the highest inclination towards scooters and other two wheelers and thus the share of luxury car sales has been lower across India.

    Lower disposable income and the changing outlook towards hatchback cars have constrained the sales of luxury cars in eastern cities of India.

    ~% of the Audi Sales has been undertaken through exchange in Southern Region. However, northern regions have reported ~% car volume sales through exchange during 2015.

    Table: Regional Exchange Sale of Mercedes Cars in India on the Basis of Number of Units, 2015

    Regions Car Sales through Exchange in (%), 2015 Car Sales through Exchange in Units, 2015
    North ~ ~
    South ~ ~
    West ~ ~
    East ~ ~
    Total ~ ~


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