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Ice Cream Market to Drive Dairy products Demand in Hungary: Ken

  • Ken research announced recent publication on, " Consumer and Market Insights: Ice Cream in Hungary

    This market insights report focuses on the Ice Cream market in Hungary. It sheds light on the ingredient materials, types and closures category level distribution and brands market shares prevailing in this economy. We analyse the overall market value and volume data with growth analysis for 2010-2020. Value and growth analysis for Artisanal Ice Cream, Impulse Ice Cream-Single Serve, and Take-Home and Bulk Ice Cream with inputs on individual segment share within each category and the change in their market share forecast for 2015-2020. Leading player's market share of various brands and private labels followed by private label growth analysis during 2012-2015 is viewed. The percentage of sales within each category through distribution channels such as Hypermarkets & Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Food & Drinks Specialists, On-trade and others is provided followed by the packaging data analysis, which compasses consumption breakdown for packaging materials and containers in each category, in terms of percentage share of number of units sold. Packaging material data for Flexible Packaging, Paper & Board and Rigid Plastics; container data for: Bag/Sachet, Tub and Wrapper etc. are given due importance. Clients can very well identify elevated potential categories and explore further market opportunities based on detailed value and volume analysis. Existing and new players can analyse key distribution channels to identify and evaluate trends and opportunities hence, gain an understanding of the total competitive landscape based on detailed brand share analysis to plan effective market positioning in Hungary ice cream market.

    The Hungarian Ice Cream market is forecast to register robust growth during 2015-2020. The market is led by the 'Take-Home and Bulk Ice Cream' category in both value and volume terms. It also accounts for the highest Off-trade volume consumption in Hungary. The 'Impulse Ice Cream-Single Serve' category has higher private label penetration than the 'Take-Home and Bulk Ice Cream' category, while Carte D'Or and Viennetta are the leading players in the Hungarian Ice Cream market. There was a decline in supermarket sales whereas a rise in hypermarket sales. Domestic grocery stores also went up. The Ice Cream market in Hungary is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 11.3% in US$ terms during 2015-2020. Hungarian consumers are opting for value for money products in the Ice Cream market. The 'Take-Home and Bulk Ice Cream' category accounts for the highest Off-trade volume consumption in Hungary. The Dairy-Based segment is expected to gain share growth within the 'Impulse Ice Cream-Single Serve' category and Food & Drinks Specialists account for the majority share in the distribution of Take-Home and Bulk Ice Creams

    The 'Impulse Ice Cream-Single Serve' category has higher private label penetration than the 'Take-Home and Bulk Ice Cream' category in Hungary. Although ice cream and frozen desserts is mainly sold during the hot summer months in Hungary, the largest manufacturers increasingly consume these products in other seasons as well thanks to continuous product developments and relevant marketing activity. Promotions and price discounts also support the sales of the category. In addition, producers have been focusing more on the needs of consumers on special diets.

    Unilever Magyarország Kft kept its leading position in the sales of ice cream and frozen desserts in the local market in 2016. The company had one third value share in value terms as being present in the impulse and take-home categories with its popular brands Carte d’Or, Magnum, Algida, Viennetta and Cornetto amongst others. Family Frost Kft and Tesco-Global Áruházak Zrt ranked second and third with a 12% and an 11% value share respectively in value sales terms. Both companies benefited from offering good value-for-money ice cream products. Over the forecast period, sales of the category are expected to be highly influenced by weather conditions as well as by general economic conditions, affecting spending on indulgence products. Manufacturers are predicted to make efforts to try to further reduce the seasonal consumption of ice cream and frozen desserts in other to see a sustainable growth in the long term. This aim is projected to be helped by new product developments.


    Despite a vast array of options, the most popular flavours remain vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. A longer than usual winter season and the weakening purchasing power of households also contributed to the decline. During 2012, sales of take-home ice cream rose by volume due to high temperatures and a long summer season.


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