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Nifty outlook and recommendations for 17 Nov 17
The index has respected the 50% retracement support and rebound sharply hence the Wednesday’s low of 10094 will act as a crucial support. For the day, 10260 / 10310 are the immediate resistance wherea...
Way2wealth, 17 Nov 2017
Nifty outlook and recommendations for 16 Nov 17
Index precisely tested its previous resistance zone and also, retraced 50% of its entire move from the bottom of 9688 to the top of 10490. For the day, 10160 / 10200 are the immediate hurdle whereas 1...
Way2wealth, 16 Nov 2017
Nifty outlook and recommendations for 15 Nov 17
Looking at the overall chart structure, index is approaching towards its previous breakout zone of 10180 / 10140 also the daily 45-EMA along with the lower band of Bollinger band placed inside the sai...
Way2wealth, 15 Nov 2017
Bharat 22 ETF New Fund Offer: A Balanced ETF
This ETF is set to create good value for the investor as profit making PSUs, PSUs undergoing reforms and private sector firms have been bundled together. Given the advantage of an ETF in terms of cost...
Punit Jain, 14 Nov 2017
Understanding 6 Tenets of Dow Theory
Dow Theory is a trading approach that is still the basis of technical analysis of financial markets. By understanding the Dow Theory, traders are better able to spot hidden trends that more experience...
elearnmarkets, 14 Nov 2017
Bharat 22 ETF: Subscribe to the Issue
Bharat 22 Index comprises of 22 scrips of public sector units (PSUs), banks and those entities in which the government holds the stake. Bharat 22 is a well diversified ETF spanning six sectors.
AUM CAPITAL, 14 Nov 2017
Nifty: Intraday resistance is placed at 10367 / 10413
Once again the bulls respected the 10260 / 10235 zone which has now drawn further attention as Nifty rebound sharply after testing the said zone. For the day, 10367 / 10413 are the intraday hurdle whe...
Way2wealth, 13 Nov 2017
Weekly Wrap: Global Markets Witness Sell Off As Senate Includes Major Changes In The Tax Reform Bill
US Senate included some major changes in the Tax Reform Bill ,from the House version, which may delay the implementation of a cut in the corporate tax rate. This week Nifty made a new record high of 1...
Dynamic Equities Pvt Ltd, 11 Nov 2017
Nifty: Outlook positive; Intraday resistance is placed at 10360 / 10410
As long as index is trading above 10260 / 10235 zone; our view will remain positive. For the day, 10360 / 10410 are intraday resistance whereas 10260 / 10207 are intraday support.
Way2wealth, 10 Nov 2017
Nifty: 10260 / 10235 zone is a good level to build long position
Going forward, we believe that the 10260 / 10235 zone is a good level to build long position as this level coincides with the 61.8% retracement of its move from the bottom of 10123 to the top of 10490...
Way2wealth, 09 Nov 2017
A Comprehensive Study on Support And Resistance
Support and resistance shows key junctures where the forces of demand and supply interact. In the financial markets, prices are often driven by excessive demand (up) and supply (down). Supply is synon...
elearnmarkets, 08 Nov 2017
Nifty: Immediate support placed at 10310 below which Nifty likely to correct till 10240
Index is oscillating near the hourly 89-EMA which likely to provide an immediate support. Going forward, 10310 will act as an immediate support below which Nifty likely to correct till 10240. Higher ...
Way2wealth, 08 Nov 2017
Nifty Technical outlook and recommendations for 7 Nov 17
Broadly speaking, we are seeing a Bearish Divergence on major time frames hence building long position on Nifty at this juncture is not wise strategy. For the day, 10413 / 103...
Way2wealth, 07 Nov 2017
How To Identify Trend And Correction Using Force Index
The Force index measures the strength behind the price move based on three important parameters which includes volume, direction and extent. It was invented by Alexander Elder and this oscillator actu...
elearnmarkets, 06 Nov 2017
Nifty: Any break below 10403 will drag index lower towards 10360
Friday’s candlestick resembles a formation of ‘Hanging man’ pattern however it requires confirmation in terms of trading below pattern low of 10403. Any break below 10403 will drag index lower towar...
Way2wealth, 06 Nov 2017
Nifty: 10400 / 10375 are intraday support whereas 10445 / 10480 are the resistance for the day
Looking at the two hour chart, we are seeing the formation of bearish divergence and index is hovering near the 261.8% extension of its swing move from the top of 10252 to the bott...
Way2wealth, 03 Nov 2017
Markets Might Zoom In 2 Months If Trump's Tax Proposal Is Accepted
Trump announced his widely expected decision to nominate Federal Reserve Governor Jerome Powell to succeed current Fed Chair Janet Yellen.The House Republican announced tax reform bill.
Dynamic Equities Pvt Ltd, 03 Nov 2017
Indian stock markets were definitely not expecting a ‘Bahubali katappa Climax’ from the North Block on 25th October. After so many annual budgetary allocations, our 38 listed commercial banks reported...
Suhani Adilabadkar, 02 Nov 2017
Nifty: 10400 / 10370 are the immediate support
Going forward, Nifty is approaching towards the 161.8% reciprocal of its entire swing move from the top of 10179 to the bottom of 9688 comes near 10482 which may act as an immediate res...
Way2wealth, 02 Nov 2017
Srikalahasthi Pipes: Buy for an upside of 36%
With the thrust of government on improving water infrastructure through centre & state sponsored programmes and development of 100 smart cities giving a fillip to demand of DI pipes augurs well for SP...
SKP Research, 02 Nov 2017
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