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A Note on Cryptocurrency
According to Jainmatrix Investments, as investors, we feel the Cryptocurrency market is overheated with the introduction of Initial Coin Offerings, and the high volatility does not meet our standard f...
Punit Jain, 16 Aug 2017
Arun Jaitley holds meeting on bitcoin risk
The government and Reserve Bank of India has been in discussion over the issues pertaining to bitcoins since a couple of months. They had also invited public comments on the issue of allowing virtual ...
Guest Author, 01 Aug 2017
A Brief Distinction Between Bank Account, Trading Account and Demat Account
Today we'll talk about the distinction between trading, demat and savings account. These three accounts combined together are widely known as 3-in-1 account. Anyone who’s willing to buy or sell shares...
elearnmarkets, 26 Jul 2017
Bitcoins: The New Age Virtual Currency
Bitcoin is a type of digital currency created in the year 2009. The transaction does not involve any banks but it is created and held electronically. It is created using software which solves mathemat...
elearnmarkets, 26 Jul 2017
Why is Retirement Planning Important?
Retirement planning refers to the allocation of savings for retirement and it is one of the most important life event. The goal of retirement planning is to achieve financial independence and the reas...
elearnmarkets, 24 Jul 2017
How Home Loan With Tax Deductions Is A Lucrative Deal
Taking a home loan is an icing on the cake itself, because you can also enjoy the tax benefits on the principal amount, interest paid, as discussed at length below, under the Income Tax Act, 1961. Let...
elearnmarkets, 24 Jul 2017
Dynamic Levels recommend Prakash Industries as a multi-bagger
Prakash Industries surged 14.41% on 19th July 2017 after its FY18 Q1 result announcement. Total number of 61 institutions has investment in Prakash Industries as on 31st March 2017. Out of 61 institut...
Dynamic Equities Pvt Ltd, 20 Jul 2017
Should You Have an Emergency Savings Account?
Having an emergency savings account is a good idea - set aside a little money every month for a rainy day when you may need a small fortune. Ideally, an emergency savings fund should be sufficient to ...
Guest Author, 28 Jun 2017
Weekly Trading Forecasts for Major Pairs (June 5 - 9, 2017)
The weekly forecasts on major currency pairs viz. EURUSD, USDCHF, GBPUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY for the week of June 05, 2017 to June 09, 2017.
Tallinex - FX Trading, 05 Jun 2017
Companies with more than 100% profit jump in March 2017 vs March 2016
The research team at Dynamic Levels are sharing with us the list of companies, which they have identified for registering a huge jump in PAT in March 2017 as compared to March 2016. The companies incl...
Dynamic Equities Pvt Ltd, 26 May 2017
Financial education pays off
Credit usage has become universal and omnipresent in the present day and age. Accessing cheap and timely credit, requires CIBIL rating of at least 750 and above (out of 900). While it is not rocket sc...
Credit Sudhaar, 23 May 2017
If You Are Driving A Ferrari Why Is Your Money In A Bullock Cart?
At 4-6% annual return, savings account and fixed deposits give decent growth. Wait a minute, is 4-6% your idea of good growth? Well, your saving and investment philosophy needs an immediate review. Yo...
Niveza, 16 May 2017
Venky's India: Still scope for appreciation, Buy at CMP of 1292
According to Dynamic Levels, the stock is trading at a low P/E Ratio of 17.50 which indicates that there is still scope for appreciation in the stock price. Thus, investors can buy it at CMP of Rs. 12...
Dynamic Equities Pvt Ltd, 08 May 2017
Dynamic Levels recommend sequential targets on Eros International Media
Dynamic Levels have identified Eros International Media as a multi-bagger stock. They are recommending investors to BUY the scrip at Rs. 234, along with two sequential targets. A total of 8 institutio...
Dynamic Equities Pvt Ltd, 28 Apr 2017
Dynamic Levels recommend intermediate target on Meghmani Organics
According to Dynamic Levels, investors can be optimistic in Meghmani Organics with its Chemicals DNA, diversified portfolio, unmatched infrastructure and improved market conditions, i.e. expected reco...
Dynamic Equities Pvt Ltd, 24 Apr 2017
How to get Real Gains from Your Mutual Funds
Investors need to evaluate the Mutual Fund, the quality of companies invested in and if the fund manager has a long term view of the portfolio and not just past performance. Given these, the investor ...
Multi-Act Equity Consultancy, 20 Mar 2017
Weekly Trading Forecasts for Major Pairs (March 6 - 10, 2017)
The weekly forecasts on major currency pairs includes EURUSD, USDCHF, GBPUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY.
Tallinex - FX Trading, 06 Mar 2017
Notes on Union Budget 2017-18
This budget was unique in the scale and intensity of anticipatory anxiety. With prior assumptions about possibilities of policymaking in India unsettled, many were worried about government's next move...
Ajay Shah, 21 Feb 2017
How would demonetisation have shaped up under an improved RBI board?
Demonetisation has brought fresh attention to three aspects of RBI's board: autonomy, accountability and transparency. Patnaik and Roy (2017) demonstrate how the RBI Act lags behind sound internationa...
Ajay Shah, 21 Feb 2017
Benefits of a pre-approved personal loan
Even though there are several benefits of a pre-approved personal loan it does not mean that you should take the loan just because it is offered to you. Remember every loan comes at a cost and you sho...
Credit Sudhaar, 27 Jan 2017
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