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Pros and Cons of Having a Credit Card
With a number of banks offering quick access to plastic money, it has become difficult to resist. If used responsibly, plastic money is a key financial tool, which may make it easier for people to man...
Guest Author, 16 Feb 2018
Ways to Reduce Your Debt
Debt settlement and debt consolidation are two common debt relief financial solutions, which may help to get out of your financial struggle. Although both the options can reduce your debt, but each wi...
elearnmarkets, 30 Nov 2017
Top 10 Myths about Personal Loans which aren't True
Many banks provide personal loansat competitive interest rates. However, some individuals are wary of borrowing due to the myths surrounding such loans. Following are ten common misconceptions about l...
Guest Author, 14 Nov 2017
5 Reasons why Having a Credit Card is a Must
Credit is good if used wisely. Many individuals purchase items or avail of services using credit. The main reason for using credit on a bank card is that you do not have to pay hard cash.
Guest Author, 09 Oct 2017
Financial education pays off
Credit usage has become universal and omnipresent in the present day and age. Accessing cheap and timely credit, requires CIBIL rating of at least 750 and above (out of 900). While it is not rocket sc...
Credit Sudhaar, 23 May 2017
3 Steps to Check Your Credit Score Online before Applying for a Home Loan
Around 79% of loan applications get approved if the applicant's credit score is greater than 750. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that you have a good credit score. Make timely payments on your ...
IndiaNotes Team, 27 Jan 2017
Benefits of a pre-approved personal loan
Even though there are several benefits of a pre-approved personal loan it does not mean that you should take the loan just because it is offered to you. Remember every loan comes at a cost and you sho...
Credit Sudhaar, 27 Jan 2017
Why A Personal Loan Is Better Than Liquidating Your Investments?
When cash strapped what is it that comes first to mind? Whether you must withdraw those FDs, liquidate your mutual funds, dissolve other investments or borrow funds. Which is a better choice? Let us e...
Credit Sudhaar, 16 Dec 2016
Keep Track of Your Financial Health with A Free CIBIL Report Every Year
A credit report is an important tool that lets you keep the track of your credit as well as payment history. It also contains an important piece of information - your credit score - which determines w...
Rajiv Raj, 18 Oct 2016
Do's and don'ts of maintaining good credit history
A good credit history is like a good report of your financial health. Just like you need to exercise and inculcate nutritious food habits to keep up the state of your physical health, you need to main...
Rajiv Raj, 07 Oct 2016
How to Manage All Your Credit Cards Efficiently
Multiple credit cards have its advantages and disadvantages. When you have more of them, you are more likely to spend freely. However, if you are mindful of your actions, you can use all your credit c...
Rajiv Raj, 27 Sep 2016
Best Credit Cards to pick from this September
When it comes to credit cards, the options in the market are huge. However, out of so many options in the market, choosing the right credit card can be a bit tricky. There are a number of things that ...
Rajiv Raj, 21 Sep 2016
Five reasons why your credit score is lower than you thought
CIBIL score can dip for a variety of reasons. The antidote to it is pretty simple however. Just make sure that you are following the basic rules of credit usage and carry out periodic checks on your C...
Rajiv Raj, 08 Aug 2016
Five good habits of people with a perfect CIBIL score
Maintaining a good CIBIL score is no rocket science. It is all about maintaining financial discipline and good habits. Just like you exercise and eat well in order to maintain good physical health, yo...
Rajiv Raj, 27 Jul 2016
Women Applicants Have an Edge When Applying for a Home Loan
Successive governments have tried to introduce policies that encourage women empowerment and also aid financial inclusion of women in all spheres. Many banks and other agencies have taken steps to mak...
Rajiv Raj, 04 Jul 2016
How to Save Money Using a Credit Card This Monsoon by Rajiv Raj
The best thing about owning a credit card is that you can actually leverage them for your advantage. But, before indulging yourself in another purchase through your credit card this monsoon, there are...
Rajiv Raj, 27 Jun 2016
Things to Keep In Mind When Getting an Add-On Card
Like any facility, add-on cards have the potential of becoming a menace for the primary holder. So just make sure that you keep the above in mind when getting them, so that you stay credit safe and th...
Rajiv Raj, 21 Jun 2016
Common Home Loan Problems and How to Avoid Them
Applying for a home loan may seem like a simple procedure of submitting a few documents and signing a few pages. However, this process can be long, even without any obstacles. First of all, there is a...
Rajiv Raj, 13 Jun 2016
How to Use Credit Card to Your Advantage
Credit card is one of the most abused debt instruments and has caused many individuals to break down. If you have got a credit card, instead of becoming a victim, use it in ways which can help you lev...
Rajiv Raj, 23 May 2016
What is right age to start buying a home
Owning a home can give you a feeling of independence and freedom. However, there are a lot of things that you need to consider before you take this big financial decision of your life. When planning t...
Rajiv Raj, 16 May 2016
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