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India's bread industry to reach INR 53bn by 2020
Bread industry in India, valued at INR 33bn (USD 0.5 billion) in 2015, is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10% to reach INR 53bn (USD 0.8 billion) by 2020
IndiaNotes Team, 29 May 2015
India's faucets industry to double to INR 105bn by 2019
Since the 1980s, faucets in India have evolved from being perceived as a basic functional product to a fashion and style statement. Growth in the real estate industry, rise in urbanization, and change...
IndiaNotes Team, 20 Feb 2015
India's packaged bottled water industry to reach INR 160bn by 2018
With a rise in health awareness, increase in tourism and the easy availability of bottled water, the per capita consumption of bottled water in India is on the increase. The market is expected to grow...
IndiaNotes Team, 06 May 2014
India's warehousing sector to grow at 18% till 2017
ValueNotes' short industry report on the warehousing industry in India - valued at INR 745 billion in FY 2013, and expected to grow to about INR 1,440 billion by 2017. The unorganized sector will cont...
IndiaNotes Team, 19 Nov 2013

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