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HA single woman's guide to buying a home smartly
In fact, a Financial Express report quoted many experts believe as saying that approximately 30% home buyers in urban India are women. So, if you also want to be a homeowner, here are some things you ...
Guest posts, 16 Mar 2018
Top 10 Myths about Personal Loans which aren't True
Many banks provide personal loansat competitive interest rates. However, some individuals are wary of borrowing due to the myths surrounding such loans. Following are ten common misconceptions about l...
Guest Author, 14 Nov 2017
ISL announces revision in guidelines governing index maintenance, reconstitution
As per the recent stock market news,India Index Services and Products, a NSE group firm, made a declaration regarding the likely revision in the guidelines governing the reconstitution of the indices...
Guest Author, 22 Sep 2017
How are stocks included in the F&O segment?
The National Stock exchange or NSE had included 15 securities to the F&O segment from April and 16 securities to the F&O segment May series. In the month of June, 5 more stocks were included in the se...
Guest Author, 22 Sep 2017
Financial education pays off
Credit usage has become universal and omnipresent in the present day and age. Accessing cheap and timely credit, requires CIBIL rating of at least 750 and above (out of 900). While it is not rocket sc...
Credit Sudhaar, 23 May 2017
CPSE ETF FFO 2: An Energizing Offer - Buy
The Scheme is a further follow on issue (FFO 2) after the January 2017 offer which was successful. CPSE ETF facilitates GoIís initiative to disinvest stake in CPSEs through the ETF route.
Punit Jain, 15 Mar 2017
Here's How Digitalization Helps You Buy a House Out of Your State
Buying a property out of state is a huge decision. It is imperative to assess all the risks associated with such a purchase. By going digital, potential home buyers may complete the process and own a ...
IndiaNotes Team, 27 Jan 2017
3 Steps to Check Your Credit Score Online before Applying for a Home Loan
Around 79% of loan applications get approved if the applicant's credit score is greater than 750. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that you have a good credit score. Make timely payments on your ...
IndiaNotes Team, 27 Jan 2017
Benefits of a pre-approved personal loan
Even though there are several benefits of a pre-approved personal loan it does not mean that you should take the loan just because it is offered to you. Remember every loan comes at a cost and you sho...
Credit Sudhaar, 27 Jan 2017
The What, Why, and How of Consumer Durable Loans
Being a proud owner of small luxuries in life is no longer an impossible dream. You may easily upgrade your television or refrigerator, purchase a laptop, or install an air conditioner in the living r...
Guest Author, 19 Jan 2017
The Scheme is a follow on issue after the 2014 offer which was quite successful. This is a medium risk, medium return offering suitable for conservative investors. Investors can invest into it with a ...
Punit Jain, 16 Jan 2017
Nifty IT Index Witnessed a Freefall Possible H1-B Programme Changes
Nifty It Index witnessed a freefall in Fridayís (6th January 2017) as a result of the re-introduction of a bill backing key changes in the H1-B programme. H1-B programme allows the skilled workers fro...
Dynamic Equities Pvt Ltd, 09 Jan 2017
Home Loan Eligibility and Documentation for Startup Employees
Startup employees and self-employed people have various options as they plan to apply for a home loan. But the process of home loan approval is quite different from that of a salaried individual. Elig...
Guest Author, 29 Dec 2016
Use your CIBIL score to go on a vacation this Diwali
Your CIBIL score can indeed come in handy if you wish to go on vacation this Diwali season. So why put your dreams on hold? Take a personal loan on the basis of your stellar CIBIL score, pack your bag...
Rajiv Raj, 24 Oct 2016
45 companies splitting stock and FY17 has just begun
The Financial year 2017 has just crossed a quarter and 45 companies have already announced the stock-split for the year. Giving out bonuses and splits is just an additional way of creating wealth in t...
Dynamic Equities Pvt Ltd, 29 Sep 2016
RCom, Aircel to Bid Separately in Spectrum Auction
Telecom operators Reliance Communications (RCom) and Aircel, which had announced their merger on the last date of submission of the spectrum auction application, plan to bid separately in the upcoming...
Dynamic Equities Pvt Ltd, 26 Sep 2016
Aum Capital recommend investors to participate in Sun Pharma's share buyback
The Buyback price represents a premium of ~16% over the CMP of Rs.777.50. The size of the Buyback is too small, given the ~240 crores equity share base, translating to 0.3%. We recommend investors to ...
AUM CAPITAL, 08 Jul 2016
Women Applicants Have an Edge When Applying for a Home Loan
Successive governments have tried to introduce policies that encourage women empowerment and also aid financial inclusion of women in all spheres. Many banks and other agencies have taken steps to mak...
Rajiv Raj, 04 Jul 2016
Dynamic Levels recommend Firstsource Solutions at ~45 for the medium term
First Source Solution is one of the multi-bagger Shares, identified by Dynamic Research based on technical and fundamental research. FSL share price has touched a 52 week high of Rs. 48.35 on 09- Junr...
Dynamic Equities Pvt Ltd, 14 Jun 2016
Common Home Loan Problems and How to Avoid Them
Applying for a home loan may seem like a simple procedure of submitting a few documents and signing a few pages. However, this process can be long, even without any obstacles. First of all, there is a...
Rajiv Raj, 13 Jun 2016
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