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The Need for Stockbroker Explained
For most retail buyers, brokers are the people they call when they want to invest in shares. Generally, individual brokers work in offices that are far away from the actual stock exchanges.
Guest posts, 13 Mar 2018
Top 10 Myths about Personal Loans which aren't True
Many banks provide personal loansat competitive interest rates. However, some individuals are wary of borrowing due to the myths surrounding such loans. Following are ten common misconceptions about l...
Guest Author, 14 Nov 2017
IBC – Set to strengthen India’s insolvency framework
Speedy and time-bound proceedings leading to higher recoveries. Hitherto, avg. time taken for recovery processes in India stood at 4.3 years with a 26% recovery rate.
Equirus Securities, 26 Sep 2017
A Note on Cryptocurrency
According to Jainmatrix Investments, as investors, we feel the Cryptocurrency market is overheated with the introduction of Initial Coin Offerings, and the high volatility does not meet our standard f...
Punit Jain, 16 Aug 2017
Startups to give GST a thumbs up this year
If we look at GST for startups in a broader perspective, eliminating the cascading effect of multiple Central and State taxes, GST would reduce the cost of doing business and increase profitability, w...
IndiaNotes Team, 17 Mar 2017
Indianivesh Sector Report: Defense and Aerospace
India, UAE sign 14 pacts including areas like Defense & Security India on Jan 25 signed 14 pacts (including areas Defense & Security) with UAE through a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership (CSP).
IndiaNivesh, 01 Feb 2017
The What, Why, and How of Consumer Durable Loans
Being a proud owner of small luxuries in life is no longer an impossible dream. You may easily upgrade your television or refrigerator, purchase a laptop, or install an air conditioner in the living r...
Guest Author, 19 Jan 2017
Home Loan Eligibility and Documentation for Startup Employees
Startup employees and self-employed people have various options as they plan to apply for a home loan. But the process of home loan approval is quite different from that of a salaried individual. Elig...
Guest Author, 29 Dec 2016
Thinking to Buy a Bike? Read the 8 Tips That Will Help You Choose the Best Option!
You may buy the bike on EMI to prevent any financial burden. Lenders today offer various benefits like flexible repayment schemes, quick loan approval, and minimal documentation.
Guest Author, 02 Dec 2016
Use your CIBIL score to go on a vacation this Diwali
Your CIBIL score can indeed come in handy if you wish to go on vacation this Diwali season. So why put your dreams on hold? Take a personal loan on the basis of your stellar CIBIL score, pack your bag...
Rajiv Raj, 24 Oct 2016
Household finance in India: The state of the art, 2016
This article presents a brief overview of the research evidence on household finance in India. It also lays out areas for future research that will feed into evidence based policy and regulation makin...
Ajay Shah, 18 Oct 2016
Student credit cards in India - A boon for youngsters
Most Indian parents tend to think that given credit cards to children especially those who are college students or fresh graduates is a recipe for disaster. But it is in fact quite the opposite as a c...
Rajiv Raj, 06 Sep 2016
Five easy steps to a home loan
Taking a home loan is not just a life altering decision, you are also making a commitment and establishing a long term relationship with your lender, so choose wisely and you will rep its benefits thr...
Rajiv Raj, 29 Aug 2016
Buying a pre-owned car? Get hold of these documents for a smooth ride
Whether you are buying your care from a used car dealer, an auto company or an individual, documentation is the most important aspect, so do keep a watch so that you do not miss out on important docum...
Rajiv Raj, 23 Aug 2016
Common Home Loan Problems and How to Avoid Them
Applying for a home loan may seem like a simple procedure of submitting a few documents and signing a few pages. However, this process can be long, even without any obstacles. First of all, there is a...
Rajiv Raj, 13 Jun 2016
Understanding judicial delays in India: Evidence from Debt Recovery Tribunals
There is a great uproar about judicial delays in India today. We are now a country where it is widely felt that we know how to run elections but we don't know how to run courts. A commonly touted solu...
Ajay Shah, 23 May 2016
Moving your home loan? Read this first!
Options often give rise to confusion. As banks roll out new and attractive offers every other day, it is difficult to be satisfied with the deal on hand. So are you thinking of shifting your home loan...
Rajiv Raj, 01 Feb 2016
Personal insolvency: Lessons from the UK and Australia
In India, we have always paid more attention to the restructuring and winding up processes for companies. In contrast, the legal framework for insolvency of individuals is rooted in very old laws. The...
Ajay Shah, 31 Dec 2015
6 Home loan hiccups you must know about!
The home loan application, approval and sanction is a long process. At every stage there is a chance of getting rejected. Home loan rejections can be hard to handle. Here are a 6 things you must be aw...
Rajiv Raj, 21 Dec 2015
Do you have all the documents for your home loan?
For any middle class Indian the decision to purchase one’s first property is a life altering one. While the mental preparation is something that requires a lot of time, it is the physical preparation ...
Rajiv Raj, 16 Nov 2015
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