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Credit Sudhaar

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Financial education pays off
Credit usage has become universal and omnipresent in the present day and age. Accessing cheap and timely credit, requires CIBIL rating of at least 750 and above (out of 900). While it is not rocket sc...
Credit Sudhaar, 23 May 2017
Benefits of a pre-approved personal loan
Even though there are several benefits of a pre-approved personal loan it does not mean that you should take the loan just because it is offered to you. Remember every loan comes at a cost and you sho...
Credit Sudhaar, 27 Jan 2017
Why A Personal Loan Is Better Than Liquidating Your Investments?
When cash strapped what is it that comes first to mind? Whether you must withdraw those FDs, liquidate your mutual funds, dissolve other investments or borrow funds. Which is a better choice? Let us e...
Credit Sudhaar, 16 Dec 2016
Want to save Money? Get your CIBIL Score today!
Managing a good CIBIL score can be another way to save money. Let us learn how can aid our efforts to add reserves for various future needs. How does one save money with a good CIBIL Score?
Credit Sudhaar, 08 Feb 2016
Understanding the difference between using and abusing Credit
Establishing a strong or ‘good’ CIBIL score is the first step towards being financially fit, and will serve you well over the years. It is never too late to begin to improve your CIBIL score, and the ...
Credit Sudhaar, 29 Jan 2016
Your Personal Finance is As Good as Your CIBIL Score
Personal finance can be defined as the process of budgeting on available funds keeping in mind the current expenses, required savings for future and investing into instruments to safeguard against any...
Credit Sudhaar, 11 Dec 2015
Delinquency versus Non Performing Asset
Delinquency is defined as a situation wherein a borrower is late or overdue on a payment, typically on a loan or credit card outstanding. From a bank’s perspective, a NPA is an undesirable situation a...
Credit Sudhaar, 01 Dec 2015
Can I get a Personal Loan with low CIBIL Score?
As we know that for taking any loan, the applicant needs to fulfill certain eligibility criteria and a have CIBIL Score that is acceptable to the bank. So what can one do if one has a low CIBIL Score ...
Credit Sudhaar, 18 Nov 2015
Is a Good CIBIL Report Really Important ?
Maintaining good conduct in your financial life is just as important as maintaining good friends in your personal life. How you behave with your credit, will determine you credit worthiness. Based on ...
Credit Sudhaar, 30 Oct 2015
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