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The Info page of Resins & Plastics Ltd. shows the history of the company. It also has information about the Management, Key Executives, Board of Directors, investor returns and meetings. It also features the bankers, shareholding pattern and MF holding of Resins & Plastics Ltd.. Resins & Plastics Ltd.’s product report can also be seen here.

History for Resins & Plastics Ltd.

RPL was incorporated as a Private Limited Company on 22nd December, 1961. RPL became deemed Public Limited Company under section 43 (A) of the Act on 4th September, 1975. RPL was reconverted into Private Limited Company on 21st January, 1978 and subsequently converted into Public Limited Company on 17th June, 1985 for which a fresh certificate of change of name was obtained on 25th November, 1985 from the Registrar of Companies, Maharashtra at Bombay.

RPL is registered as a SSI unit with the Government of Maharashtra, Directorate of Industries vide their certificate dated 5th January, 1982. With the implementation of the present project, RPL will not maintain its SSI status. RPL has submitted industrial Entrepreneurs Memorandum for manufacture of synthetic resins to Secretariat of Industrial Approvals, Department of Industrial Development, Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi which has been duly acknowledged vide letter no. 2643/SIA/IMO/95 dated 29th May, 1995.

RPL commenced operations in 1971 for the manufacture of wide range of synthetic resins such as epoxy resins, foundry resins, ketonic resins, phenolic resins etc., some of which are import substitutes. The products of RPL find varied applications in diversified industries such as paints, printing inks, cosmetics, foundries, laminates, adhesives etc. The manufacturing facility of RPL is located at MIDC, Taloje in Maharashtra.

RPL has well equipped research and development laboratory recognised by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India and manned by competent technical team. The important activities of R & D are development of new products and applications, development of formulations using alternate raw materials and improvement in existing products to suit customer requirements. RPL was one of the first to have indirectly heated reactor to manufacture alkyds using solvent process and has continued to be responsive to newer techniques and developments in its operations.

RPL's plant is designed for faster production, uniform quality under controlled conditions. The versatility of the plant coupled with different reactor sizes ranging from 1 tonne to 10 tonnes per month ensures timely and qualitative execution of orders.

RPL plans to expand its existing capacity of 3200 tonnes per annum to 5150 tonnes per annum and to add Acrylic Emulsions, Thermosetting Acrylics and Acrylic Polyols to its existing product range at total cost outlay of Rs.570 Lacs at its existing plant site.

Note based on Directors' Report:

RPL and the workers union had moved the Industrial Tribunal, Maharashtra over the general raise demands of the latter. The same was settled amicably by negotiations between the two parties and the Industrial Tribunal passed the award in terms of the settlement on 16th September, 1994.

Main Objects of the Company.

As RPL was incorporated in 1961, the objects of RPL are not bifurcated into main and other objects. However the main objects of RPL based on present and proposed business activities are as follows:-

1. To carry on business as manufacturers of various types of synthetic resins and plastics.

2. To carry on the business as manufacturers of and dealers in all types of alkyd resins such as oxidising, semi oxidising and non-oxidising, styrenated, thixotropic, phenolated, siliconated and acrylate and other unmodified types, polyester, polyamides, urea and melamine, phenol formaldehyde, vinyls of all types, cumorone indenes, phenolics, maleics, fumaries and cyclised rubber resins etc.

3. To carry on the business as manufacturers of and dealers in emulsions, polymers, plastic emulsions, textile emulsions, adhesives, cements, reinforced and natural and synthetic resin fabrics, paper, jute, hessian bounded and reinforced products, etc.

4. To manufacture and deal in organic and inorganic high polymeric materials of all kinds and description including silicagel, silicones, boron and other derivatives, titanates etc.

5. To carry on the business of manufacturers and dealers of all kinds of plastic materials and raw materials for plastics such as styrene, polystyrene, vinyl chloride, poly vinyl chloride, polyethylene, polyolefines, vinyl acetate and copolymers, etc. of one or more of the above and/or other products, acrylics and polyesters, polycarbonates and polyothers and epoxy resins and compositions of silicon resins and phenol-formaldehyde, urea formaldehyde and other thermosetting resins and moulding compositions nylons, rilsan and similar thermo-plastic materials and similar synthetic or natural resins. Oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, halogens, pigments and lakes, paints, varnishes, lacquers, finishes, dyes, toners, perfumes and flavouring chemicals, rubber chemicals, plastic and resinous materials, elastomers, gums, glues and adhesive compositions, plasticizers, monomeric as well as polymeric compositions, surface active agents, tanning agents, coating resins, drugs and pharmaceutical, chemicals, solvents, marine chemicals, synthetic fibres, fertilisers and all types of industrial chemicals, acids, alkalies, hormones, trace elements etc.

Subsidiaries of RPL

RPL does not have any subsidiary at present.

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