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The Financials page for Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. shows its profit and loss account ratios, balance sheet, cash flow analysis, capital structure and quarterly, half yearly, nine monthly and annual financial reports.

Balance Sheet for Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.

(Rs in Cr)
Mar' 10
Owners' Fund
Equity Share Capital 5,000.00
Share Application Money 0.00
Peference Share Capital 7,500.00
Reserves & Surplus 72,586.33
Loan Funds
Secured Loans 0.00
Unsecured Loans 1,533.70
Total 86,620.03
Fixed Assets
Gross Block 160,469.62
Less: Revaluation Reserve 0.00
Less: Accumulated Depreciation 86,589.30
Net Block 73,880.32
Capital Work-in-progress 6,044.20
Investments 200.00
Net Current Assets
Current Assets, Loans & Advances 54,971.79
Less : Current Liabilities & Provisions 48,476.28
Total Net Current Assets 6,495.51
Miscellaneous Expenses not written 0.00
Total 86,620.03
Book Value of Unqouted Investment 200.00
Market Value of Qouted Investment 0.00
Contingent liabilities 5,014.60
Number of Equity shares outstanding (in Lacs) 50,000.00

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