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You are here: IndiaNotes >> Market Insights - 26 October 2016 >> Stocks That Can Add Prosperity to Your Portfolio This Diwali - Market Insights Newsletter
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Welcome to Market Insights,

This edition is coming at a time when the Diwali festival is at the threshold. Hence, we are happy to share with our readers the recommendations for Diwali 2016 we have received from various brokers and analysts. At the same time, we also have a Dynamic Levels sharing with us their recommended stocks that can add prosperity to an investor's portfolio this Diwali as well as 5 sectors that can ensure Diwali bonus all around the year. In other recommendations, we have SMC recommending Jagran Prakashan and Huhtamaki PPL on fundamental grounds. Lastly, we have Mr. Unmesh Deshmukh of Bonvista Financial Planners advising us on trading Nifty during Diwali.


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How to trade Nifty during Diwali

Given the approaching festive season, Mr. Unmesh Deshmukh of Bonvista Financial Planners is advising us on how to trade Nifty during Diwali 2016. He particularly cites a sell on rise opportunity for swing traders and an exit opportunity for individual stocks.

Click here to read the article by Bonvista Financial Planners

Stocks That Can Add Prosperity to Your Portfolio This Diwali
According to Dynamic Levels are simplifying the means to identify a good stock for Diwali, for long term and short term investments below. They are listing fundamentally good performing stocks, & top-20 fundamentally good stocks that have performed since the last Diwali.

Recommendations for Diwali 2016

Fundamental picks: These stocks have an upside of 14% & 27% respectively
SMC are recommending Jagran Prakashan and Huhtamaki PPL on fundamental grounds for a tenure of 8-10 months. They are also sharing with us the targets for both the scrips, which imply an upside potential of 14% and 27% respectively.

5 Sectors That Can Ensure Diwali Bonus All Around The Year
According to Dynamic Levels, going into the new Samvat 2073, there is no doubt that it is going to be a long-term bull market. There is hope that corporate earnings will revive due to better monsoon. Market is picking up, slow may be, yet picking up.

Featured Equity Call for today by Suresh Sharma
AXISBK: Strict intraday buy at 527 + 524.75 stop-loss 521 . . .    read more  
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