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Welcome to Market Insights.

In this edition, we have Firstcall India Equity recommending a Pune-based manufacturer of ready-to-eat foods, and SMC recommending Aurobindo Pharma and ICICI Bank for the potential upward momentum they are displaying. Carrying forward from the previous week, Praveen Pathiyil tries to explain why the recent resilience in Nifty should not be mistaken as the worst is behind us in terms of correction for the Indian equity markets. Nooresh Merani also carries forward from the previous week to share with us a few scrips he is watching on technical charts although there have not been many interesting technical setups during the last few weeks. Lastly, Mohit Jhanjee goes on to highlight a few steps that might be important for a new trader to understand. As usual, we also have a technical query answered by our experts in the 'Ask an Expert' section.

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Technical Charts on Radar: Brigade Ent, Sasken and Transport Corp

In our pevious edition, Nooresh Merani had put up a quick-list of stocks that are on radar. In this edition, he is sharing with us a few scrips that he is watching in spite of not finding many interesting technical setups during the last few weeks.

Read the analysis by Nooresh Merani

Top 5 reasons why Nifty's correction is far from over
In our previous edition, Praveen Pathiyil - The Forecaster at Dalal Times, had analysed the movement in Nifty using multiple scales. In this edition, he takes the opportunity to comment on the resilience shown by Nifty over the past one week. The resilience has led to many on the Street to believe that the worst is behind us in terms of correction for the Indian equity markets. Unfortunately the answer might be "Not yet".

Technical Calls: Buy Aurobindo Pharma and ICICI Bank
According to SMC, Aurobindo Pharma has kept its upward journey intact except for the slight retracements, thereby negating the up and downs of broader index which shows its strength. Hence, investors can invest in the scrip above 792 levels eyeing a stop-loss of 770 levels. ICICI Bank has also formed higher highs and higher lows on daily charts, which is a good indication that it may continue its upward momentum in the near term. Hence, investors can invest in the scrip in range of 282-284 levels keeping a stop-loss at 274 levels.

Firstcall recommend a pioneer in introducing retort technology for Indian food in the world
According to Firstcall India Equity, this Pune-based manufacturer of ready to eat foods and sells all its output through retail chains in the US, Canada and Australia. It is a pioneer in introducing retort technology for Indian food in the world. Investors are recommended to buy this particular scrip with a target price of Rs. 1350.00 for medium to long term investment.

How to trade for profits?
Trading is a skill and the most important part of trading is the trader himself. It's not the best indicator or the system which wins it's the traders discipline in executing the same with proper money management which makes money over a period of time. Mohit Jhanjee highlights a few steps that are important to understand for a new trader.

Featured Technical Call for today by 5WaveProfit
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Do you have any such queries? Please feel free to post them on our Ask an Expert section and have your queries answered by our experts.

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