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You are here: IndiaNotes >> Market Insights - 20 Jan 2016 >> Good times for Money Managers and Advisors? - Market Insights Newsletter
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Welcome to Market Insights.

In this edition, we have Mr. Nooresh Merani analysing the incumbent Nifty levels and comparing those with the Nifty levels in 2008 and 2011. On the fundamental analysis front, we have HDFC Sec recommending IFB Industries, and SMC recommending Gujarat State Fertilizer & Chemicals and NHPC on fundamental grounds. On technical fronts, we have Way2wealth recommending to SELL Godrej Industries and LIC Housing Finance, justifying their call on technical grounds.

We conclude this edition with a feature by Mr. Arun Jethmalani, who is citing many believing India being on the cusp of huge growth in domestic savings coming into the markets. According to him, given that even a few % points increase in penetration can mean hundreds of thousands of crores. Obviously, this is a huge opportunity for financial advisors. Finbridge Expo, India's largest financial services and technology exhibition, is an event that brings financial advisors and investors on one platform, where the former can exhibit their services while the later can avail those services. Finbridge Expo is thus an ideal event equally for financial advisors and investors. We take great pleasure to inform our readers that IndiaNotes has become the Online Partner for the 2016 edition of Finbridge Expo. Registration for this event is totally FREE, and readers can click here to register for the event. More details about the event are available here.

We also have a technical query answered by our experts on board.


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Nifty 2016 is a very different animal from Nifty 2008 !!

According to Mr. Nooresh Merani, the last couple of days have seen a lot of discussions as to how Indian markets are possibly getting into a phase like 2011 (my view) and 2008 (the fear view), and how a lot of sectors are so troubled. So everyone has a view from 7200 to 6300 to even some crazy 3800.

Read the elaborate analysis by Mr. Nooresh Merani

Stock Pick: Buy IFB Industries
According to HDFC Sec, considering its strong brand equity, higher return ratio and market leadership in the key products like front loading washing machine and oven, we have an optimistic view on IFB Industries for the medium term. However the current weak investor sentiments, slowdown in spending and forex volatility could result in attractive entry points for the investors to ride on the subsequent up move. Thus, we feel that investors could buy the scrip in the band of Rs. 297-361 band.

Fundamental calls: Buy these scrips for upside of 27% & 30% respectively
According to SMC, the management of Gujarat State Fertilizer & Chemicals expects an excellent marketing network across India, and a foot-print in Africa and Canada coupled to a strong base of Agro development and Agro services helping the company to contribute Rs. 300 crore to its topline. Similarly for NHPC, stability in profits is a function of the geographical diversity of its power plants, and this diversity also minimises risks associated with geographical concentration. SMC are thereby recommending Gujarat State Fertilizer & Chemicals and NHPC for a time-frame of 8-10 months.


Weekly equity picks: Sell LIC Hsg Fin and Godrej Ind
According to Way2wealth, traders can short LIC Housing Finance around 475 keeping strict stop-loss at 503 and Godrej Ind around 360 keeping strict stop-loss at 375. They are promptly justifying their recommendation on technical grounds. The target levels for both the scrips can be found in the article.

Good times for Money Managers and Advisors?
According to Mr. Arun Jethmalani, many believe that we are on the cusp of huge growth in domestic savings coming into the markets, and that early evidence is already visible in the trends for 2015. Obviously, for financial advisors, this is a huge opportunity. Even a few % points increase in penetration can mean hundreds of thousands of crores.

Featured Technical Call for today by Visionary Trades
We will cover all shorts today and if Nifty comes near 7330 today, we will go long at the close for the targets of 7500 by next Monday
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