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Outlook & Strategy

Why banks are keeping festive offers a low-key affair?

BankBazaar, 17 Oct 2014
Banks which have already announced festive discount schemes are keeping the whole discount process a hush-hush and low key affair to keep in tab with the possible troubles from Reserve Bank of India.

Planning & Budgeting - Classroom

    Banks generally give 1-5 points on every Rs 100-150 spent Remember not all stores offer the facility of encashing credit card points So it is wise to use you

    Gone are the days when you could issue a cheque with least regard to the balance in your account or other details like your signature etc Dishonor of cheques i

    Women today are no longer satisfied being confined to four corners of a home and are actively pursuing a career and supporting not only themselves but also the

    Lot many take it loosely when it comes to paying their credit card bills on time This can amount to inviting unforeseen hassles Here is how you can deal with

    In the thick of the festive season banks and non banking financial companies are offering various lucrative offers and discounts Let us look at various discou

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Plan Your Money

  • The Power of Compounding How many times have you heard start investing early & make the power of compounding work for you. Well, this calculator explains exactly why.
  • Retirement Savings Calculator This calculator helps you calculate the amount you need to retire. It helps you in retirement planning and ascertaining the retirement corpus you will need.
  • SIP calculator: Savings Goal Calculator Systematic Investment plans(SIP) are a simple yet a powerful tool used by investors as a method for savings. SIPs are an investment option that are presently available only with mutual funds. The Systematic Investment plans help you to plan for your long-term financial goals like buying your own house or buying your own car. This calculator will help you to achieve your investment goals. It helps you to calculate how much should you invest every month to get the desired amount at the end of tenure period. Enter the amount at the end of the tenure , no. of months and the rate of return and submit it. It will then give you the Amount to be Invested per Month.
  • Home Loan EMI Calculator The loan being on floating rate interest rate, the EMI would keep changing as rates change. If you are planning for a house loan, a quick EMI estimate can be made using this calculator. In order to calculate the EMI enter the loan amount, rate of interest, and period in mont

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