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Our Experts on Commodities can answer all you questions - Is Gold always a safe investment? Which commodities should you invest in? Long term or short term? How and why do investors go for commodities? - So go on, ask a question, an answer could be just an email away.

Disclaimer:The opinions featured here are the Experts' personal views. Neither they, nor shall accept any liability whatsoever arising from the use of any of the published content.

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Rakesh Sethi
Rakesh Sethi

Rakesh Sethi, CEO of, is a renewed technical and fundamental analyst, and a daily column writer on for the past 10 years. He has over 25 years experience in Stock/Commodity/Forex Market and in depth knowledge of domestic and international market. He provides Intraday, Positional, PMS, Short Term, Long Term calls to his clients, which include Traders, Investors, HNI, NRI, Commodity Traders , Dealers and Forex Traders. He can be contacted at [email protected] on e-mail or at 09302102732 on phone.


CapitalVia Global Research is a pure play Financial Market Research and Consulting Company. They are an eminent player in the research space, focusing on fundamental and technical analysis to convert raw data and information into expert judgments. With real time data and research delivering real time analysis and recommendations to Customers in Equity, Commodity and Currency, using all digital platforms.

Ajay Jain -
Ajay Jain -

Col Ajay is an internationally renowned Financial Astrologer. He is the CEO of and He provides predictions on the movement of stocks, commodities and foreign exchange based on planet movements and technical analysis. His clients include brokers, investors, commodities dealers and forex traders.

Arun Jethmalani
Arun Jethmalani

Arun has been extensively published in leading magazines and newspapers, both online and offline. Arun is a regular speaker at competitive intelligence, technology, Internet, finance and outsourcing events; and has lectured at several educational institutions.

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