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Manu Jain

Manu Jain is a Market/Investment Analyst based in Delhi. Certifications:">
(Jaipur - 1995), MBA (IMI, New Delhi 1998) & DSAPM (BLB Institute
of Financial Markets, New Delhi, 2008). The author can be contacted at
[email protected]"> Visit his blog"> to know more

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Andhra Bank Q2 results
08 Nov, 2013
Sir, I want to invest in Andhra bank to book profit on the occasion of Q2 results. It is good or not. Now all bank stocks are grown like that.
Financial Technologies stock advice
26 Oct, 2013
Bought 2500 Financial Technologies @ Rs161.9. May I hold or sell?. Current price is about Rs150.00.
View on Torrent Pharma and Bajaj Corp?
19 Oct, 2013
What is your view on Torrent Pharma and Bajaj Corp?
Banking sector stocks
01 Oct, 2013
Indian Overseas Bank for a period of 3 years, is it a safe investment? Andhra Bank for a period of 3 years, is it a safe investment? I want to hold for 3 to 5 years; what can be the expected return?
Union Bank - Buy or sell?
30 Sep, 2013
I have Union Bank of India shares (300) @ Rs142. What should I do, hold or sell ?
Equity SIPs
27 Aug, 2013
Hi, I am Mahesh from Mumbai I started to invest per month 5000 in equity for Renuka Sugar, LIC Housing, Asian Paints and Tata Motor stocks. Kindly suggest whether the move is okay or do I need to focus on other companies. Please recommend. Horizon 1 year. Thanks
Could Selan Exploration Technology become a growth stock from now onwards?
18 Aug, 2013
Selan Exploration is a small oil exploration company having significant oil reserves. They have started receiving approvals from the DGH for drilling more wells, Hence, the production is expected to grow at the rate of 30% compounded rate for next few years. Do you think it could become one of the growth stocks? What are the investment rationale for investing in the company at the CM Rs.245/-?
HPCL - Hold or sell?
19 Aug, 2013
Hello, My father had bought HPCL long back in nineties we are getting dividend from them each year, however as I learn about stock markets and found should only invest after research, should I sell 250 HPCL bought or hold it? I also have 50 Reliance Power from the IPO...what to do with these two and where to invest if I am selling them? I can invest for 3-5 years...
Want to buy 1000 shares of Financial Technologies India Ltd?
11 Aug, 2013
I'm a long term investor with a investment horizon of 5-10 years. I want to buy 1000 shares of Financial Technologies India Ltd since it is trading cheap. Should i buy now or wait for some more decline?
1) “What is a role of equityresearch in an investmentfirm?” 2) Have you used internet forresearching companies?Which Websites do youuse for your fundamentalresearch? 3) Do you know aboutmarket sectors? If yes namefew sectors. whichsectors have done well in lastone year, 4) Do you know about Small,Mid & Large Cap? If yeswhat is your criteriafor identifying whether astock is small, mid or LargeCap? Which cap has given the highest return inlast one year? 5) Tell the differencebetween growth compa
12 Aug, 2013
please i am waiting for ans.