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CapitalVia Global Research Limited

CapitalVia Global Research is a pure play Financial Market Research and Consulting Company. We are an eminent player in the research space, focusing on fundamental and technical analysis to convert raw data and information into expert judgments. With real time data and research delivering real time analysis and recommendations to Customers in Equity, Commodity and Currency, using all digital platforms. For more information visit -

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Good stocks to invest for the next 5 years
05 Nov, 2016
Respected Sir, Can you suggest good stocks to invest in, for the next 5 years? I want to invest Rs.5.00 lakhs.
Are long term returns on Infosys possible?
15 Oct, 2016
Respected Sir, having bought a 100 shares of Infosys with a long term prospect, will this stock give good returns in the long run? Kindly advise.
Fundmentals of SRS Ltd
13 Aug, 2016
Respected Sir, I have SRS Ltd at around 10 rupees in 10,000 shares. What are the fundamentals of this stock?
Sugar stocks... will they come up or should I average?
16 Aug, 2016
Respected Sir, I have some sugar stocks of Ugar, Rana, Bajaj Hind, Renuka, Oudh and Uttam. They were bought in end of July. Will they come up or should I average it very soon?
How about Mold-Tek Packaging Ltd at CMP for long term?
29 Jul, 2016
Respected Sir, could you kindly guide me on whether Mold-Tek Packaging would be ideal at CMP for long term?
Should I switch from Coffee Day to Westlife or Tata Global?
02 Aug, 2016
Respected Sir, I am holding Coffee Day @ 288. Should I switch to Westlife or Tata Global? Kindly advise.
How about Vedanta for long term?
19 Jul, 2016
Respected Sir, would you advise me to invest in Vedanta for the long term?
Is my portfolio ideal for the long term?
10 Jul, 2016
Dear Sir, I am holding 500 shares of Chartered logistics @ 15.50, 600 Shares of Genus Power @ 26, 500 Shares of Indiabulls Wholesale Services @20, 400 Shares of Anantraj @36, 1200 shares of GVK Power @ 8, 500 shares of Nitin Fire @41, 600 shares of Aksh Optifibre @20, 500 shares of Ballarpur Industries @ 15, and 500 shares of Genus Paper @3.85. Kindly suggest which of these can I hold for the long term and which can I exit. Besides, I am also planning to buy Titagarah Wagon for the long term. So could you please advise on the stock.
Prospects of Nagarjuna Agrichem
13 Jul, 2016
Respected Sir, could you kindly share with me your thoughts on the prospects of Nagarjuna Agrichem?
Schneider Infra... should I hold or sell?
12 Jul, 2016
Respected Sir, I am holding Schneider Infra at an average of 200. Should I hold or sell? Kindly advise.