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Anand Vijayakumar

Anand is a Technical Project Manager (IT) at MSD, Singapore.  He has a keen interest in tracking India's banking industry.  He started blogging in 2008 to raise awareness among people about investments, insurance and the banking industry in general. What started as a spur of the moment idea to share knowledge with people has now grown into a full-fledged hobby. Anand's aim through his blog - -is to be a positive influence in the lives of people and help them manage their finances better.

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Are my current personal finances safe?
24 Feb, 2016
Respected Sir, I want to invest 30 lac in NSC, which would give me a return of around 45.8 lac after 5 years. Is there any other option which will give me more returns than this? Kindly advise. Also, I have 2 SIP in ICICI blu chip and value discovery, and ICICI smart life of 1.5 lac for 10 years. I'm very new to these. Kindly advise whether I am doing the right things.
Investment options for a reliable future
06 Dec, 2015
Dear Sir, I am an NRI from Qatar. I work for a travel industry company. Recently, I got married and marriage brings with lot of responsibility. Thus, for a reliable future, could you please recommend me some investment options so that after 5 years I can start a business in India?
Is there any way to cut down my losses?
28 Nov, 2015
Dear Sir, I created this portfolio 3-4 years back. Some how I was not able to look into this. Now please suggest should I pertain the mentioned stocks?
As I didnít get time to check the stocks, should I sell all my stocks and shift the whole money to MF? Is there any posiiblity in near future (1 year) to cut down my losses to 10-15 thousand?

Tata Steel1000036*483
SBI Gold ETF48009*2890
Ratan Power1350236*15
Oil India11505*590
Planning to invest Rs.3000 in ELSS. How to choose the ELSS fund?
08 Nov, 2015
Dear Sir, I am planning to invest Rs.3,000 in ELSS in order to save tax. Should I split this and invest into 3 different funds or invest in a single fund? How should I choose the ELSS fund?
Plan to build 10 lakhs over the next 2.0-2.5 years
14 Oct, 2015
Dear Sir, I want to build 10 lakhs for down payment in the next 2.0-2.5 years. I along with my wife can invest 30k per month. Kindly suggest a MF/plan/strategy to achieve this. I already have sufficient emergency fund, Mediclaim and insurance.
Should I switch from Axis triple advantage growth fund to some other fund?
08 Oct, 2015
Dear Sir, I have been investing 10,000 pm from April 2013 in Axis triple advantage growth fund. The return appears to be meager compared to the market return of MF. Now the value is only around 3.44 lakhs vs. an investment of 3.09 lakhs. Can I stop and switch over to some other fund? Kindly advise.
I want to invest Rs. 2,000 for 5 years in large cap mutual funds
20 Sep, 2015
Dear Sir, I want to invest Rs. 2,000 for a span of 5 years in large cap mutual funds. Could you kindly suggest, which mutual fund is good among SBI Bluechip Fund-Direct Plan-Growth, Franklin Templeton Bluechip Fund-Direct Plan-Growth, and ICICI Prudential focused bluechip fund?
Should I switch my portfolio away from HDFC funds?
23 Sep, 2015
Dear Sir, I am holding 1600 Units of HDFC Prudence - Regular Plan for more than 4 years. Should I switch them to HDFC Prudence - Direct Plan? Why are most of the funds by HDFC under performing this year? Should I switch my portfolio away from this fund house? Kindly advise.
Here is my mutual funds investment plan... is it worth?
12 Sep, 2015
Dear Sir, I would like to invest in mutual funds for a span of 5 years as SIP as follows: 1) 1,500/- in ICICI Prudential focused bluechip fund, 2) 1,500/- in Franklin india high growth option, 3) 1,500/- in ICICI Prudential value discovery fund, 4) 1,000/- in Franklin India smaller companies, and 5) 1,000/- in Birla Sunlife long term advantage fund. Could you kindly suggest whether the above portfolio is a good choice of investment for good returns or are there any changes required to it. I will also be grateful if you recommend me any other good mutual funds.
Ideal mutual funds and best ELSS plans
08 Sep, 2015
Dear Sir, could you kindly suggest some mutual funds to invest Rs. 5,000 as SIP for 5 years? Should I invest Rs. 5,000 in a single mutual fund or diversify the amount into multiple mutual funds? Could you kindly suggest the best ELSS plan among Axis Bank long term equity fund, Franklin Templeton Tax shield and ICICI Prudential Tax Plan for better returns? I will also be grateful if you recommend me any other good mutual funds.