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Classroom: Get expert advice on financial planning

Market Fundas

Equity Friend, 30 Jan 2015
Security wise delivery position is the data related to price, total traded volume and delivered volume provided by NSE and BSE on daily basis for particular stock that trades on these exchanges.

  • Vidya Kumar, 29 Jan 2015
    Debt is part of the financial portfolio for many. It is not necessarily evil but it has to be managed well so that it stays in control. Some steps for effective...

  • Equity Friend, 28 Jan 2015
    Gross sale or sales or revenue is basically the amount a company receives against the sale of its products. When this amount is adjusted for company discounts, ...

  • Equity Friend, 28 Jan 2015
    Operating profit or operating income is the amount left with the company after subtracting cost of goods sold and other day to day operational expenses such as ...

  • Equity Friend, 28 Jan 2015
    Analysts basically calculate it in two different ways. Few like to take average shareholder’s equity as base which is an average of shareholder’s equity for the...

  • BankBazaar, 28 Jan 2015
    Is there any way to stay out of the shopping blues? Fortunately there are, all you need is a meticulous planning before the holidays start. Here are such means ...

  • BankBazaar, 28 Jan 2015
    Home loans are long term financial instruments that affect your pocket for a long term. Any excess payment made towards home loan repayment can stretch your bud...

  • BankBazaar, 28 Jan 2015
    Home loans have become a common financial tool today to live the dream of owning a property. If you do your research you will understand there is more to the la...

Plan Your Money

  • The Power of Compounding How many times have you heard start investing early & make the power of compounding work for you. Well, this calculator explains exactly why.
  • SIP calculator: Savings Goal Calculator Achieve your investment goals. Calculate how much should you invest every month to get the desired amount at the end of tenure period.
  • Retirement Savings Calculator Calculate the amount you need to retire. Plan your retirement and ascertain the retirement corpus you will need.
  • Home Loan EMI Calculator The loan being on floating rate interest rate, the EMI would keep changing as rates change. If you are planning for a house loan, a quick EMI estimate can be made using this calculator. In order to calculate the EMI enter the loan amount, rate of interest, and period in mont's Offer
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Technical Calls

What are technical calls?

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