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Classroom: Learn about how to invest, plan and save your money

Market Fundas

Investopedia, 18 Apr 2014
The raging debate on high frequency trading may lead the average retail investor to think that he/she continues to get a raw deal in the stock market. The reality is that these are probably the best of times for them.

  • BankBazaar, 17 Apr 2014
    When emergency arises, you start looking for sources where you can arrange money from. Have you ever thought that the fixed deposits that you made years ago cou...

  • BankBazaar, 16 Apr 2014
    A home loan transfer is an option that most individuals choose to avail the benefit from lower interest rates prevalent in the market. Usually the existing borr...

  • BankBazaar, 16 Apr 2014
    Try to lower your interest rate. Negotiate with your bank. One other way is to convert your credit card debt into a personal loan debt. It will definitely be le...

  • BankBazaar, 15 Apr 2014
    Individuals have the freedom to self assess income and pay taxes. That doesn’t mean that if you do not declare a particular stream of income to evade taxes, you...

  • BankBazaar, 15 Apr 2014
    Fixed deposits in banks are one of the most preferred investments by risk averse Indians who also look forward to earning a higher interest rate. Fixed deposits...

  • Rajiv Raj, 15 Apr 2014
    It may be due to lack of knowledge, confusion or carelessness; mistakes while managing finances are all too common. The resultant fallout can be detrimental, no...

  • BankBazaar, 11 Apr 2014
    One who is looking at investing in real estate, there are two options available. Remember ‘invest’ in real estate and not purchase to occupy the property. A hou...

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Plan Your Money

  • The Power of Compounding How many times have you heard start investing early & make the power of compounding work for you. Well, this calculator explains exactly why.
  • SIP calculator: Savings Goal Calculator Achieve your investment goals. Calculate how much should you invest every month to get the desired amount at the end of tenure period.
  • Retirement Savings Calculator Calculate the amount you need to retire. Plan your retirement and ascertain the retirement corpus you will need.
  • Home Loan EMI Calculator The loan being on floating rate interest rate, the EMI would keep changing as rates change. If you are planning for a house loan, a quick EMI estimate can be made using this calculator. In order to calculate the EMI enter the loan amount, rate of interest, and period in mont's Offer
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