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What is the Procedure for Change of Address for Medical Insurance?

Guest Author | 08 Dec, 2016  | Follow Author | Add to my Favourites 
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You might wonder why all this fuss about having to change the address in a medical insurance policy because of relocation. Well, whether you are moving from one city to another or from one state to another, the rule of thumb is that you must have your address updated in all official records such as the ones in banks, credit / debit cards, voter ID, Aadhar card, PAN card, insurance companies, passport, driving license, vehicle registration and so on.

If you are still wondering why it is so important to update your address in a health insurance policy or any other record for that matter, then consider a scenario wherein you need to file a claim for an emergency medical situation but you cannot do so because all your dividend statements and payment receipts were delivered to your old address. It would leave you completely devastated to realize that your claim settlement could not go through just because your address was not updated. You might also have to spend a bomb to bear the expenses of the situation just because you failed to update some details on your policy on time.

To avoid situations like these, it is always better to be a step ahead and have your policy updated with any change that could impact it. Let us take a look at the some of the ways in which you can get a change of address done on a medical insurance policy:

  • Get in touch with the customer service

You must contact the customer service of the insurance provider to understand the process of address change as this could vary from company to company. Then, as directed by the representative, either write a letter for address change request or complete the formalities by visiting the nearest branch.Buying a health cover like Reliance Health Insurance makes the process easy as you can directly get in touch with them on their website.

  • Write a letter to your insurance company

If you are advised to write a letter of change request to your insurance provider in order to change your address, then, you must clearly mention the change you are requesting and attach photocopies of the new address proof. Follow the instructions given to you by the customer service representative to complete the process.

  • Send documents via your insurance agent or broker

If you are unable to visit the service branch yourself, then you can also choose to send your request letter and documents to the insurance company through your agent / broker and they can have your official records updated.

Moving to a new place is an intimidating task in itself and having to look at all these other minute details can become a bit frustrating. Nevertheless, keeping your records updated is very important and so this must be done carefully and without much delay.


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