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Businesswire India Press Releases

Saffolalife Urges Couples to Walk Together to #ProtectHerHeart

29-09-2015 6:05PM | Source : Saffolalife
Business Wire India
On World Heart Day, Saffolalife organized a unique initiative where several Mumbai couples along with Shilpa Shetty Kundra & Raj Kundra participated in a morning walk together. This first-of-its-kind event was hosted by Saffolalife to create awareness of women’s heart health in India. A study has shown that 2 out of 4 Indian women are at risk of heart problems due to increasing weight*. Held at the fitness enthusiast’s favorite, Carter Road, the walk set the tone for a new movement as the couples then pledged to walk together daily for 30 minutes as a simple yet valuable step to #ProtectHerHeart.

Keeping in mind the hectic lives we lead, women today need to adopt healthy weight management as one of the key ways to improve their heart health. Research shows that walking daily can help in healthy weight management and thus helps reduce the risk of heart problems. Saffolalife, on the occasion of World Heart Day, is reaching out to couples to encourage them to walk together daily to reduce the risk of heart problems. 
Saffolalife has also devised a unique weight- heart test, that helps assess the impact of fitness levels on your heart health. Accessible on, the test helps understand the impact of your weight on your heart.
Addressing the crowd, actress and fitness guru Shlipa Shetty Kundra said, “As women, we tend to overlook our health while caring for our families. I was surprised to learn that 2 out of 4 Indian women are at risk of heart problems due to increasing weight*. We are concerned about putting on weight, but don’t realize how it’s taking a toll on our hearts. This World Heart Day, I am grateful that Saffolalife is encouraging all of us to start going for a daily 30-minute walk as a beginning towards protecting our hearts!”
Business tycoon Raj Kundra was also found encouraging couples to work as a team to improve their health together. He said, “It’s the small things that make a difference. If we make time to walk together daily for 30 minutes, it’ll go a long way in protecting our hearts. Moreover, it’s a great way to get some much-needed we-time into our busy lives! Just like Shilpa and I, we hope you also take the pledge to walk together and care for your heart health.”
*Based on the body mass index (BMI) and abdominal obesity observed in Indian urban female population (source: Ravindra Mohan Pandey et al. Population-based intervention for cardiovascular diseases related knowledge and behaviours in Asian Indian women. Original Article. Indian heart journal 65 (2013) 40 - 47). BMI is one of the many risk factors in cardiovascular diseases.
About Saffolalife
Saffolalife™ is a not-for-profit initiative started by Saffola around 14 years ago. At Saffola our Vision is to create a Heart Healthy India! Saffola educates and inspires people on realising the need to take care of their heart health - inspiring them to embark on a journey towards a heart friendly lifestyle, and partnering them through various stages of this journey.

Photo Caption: Shilpa and Raj Kundra sign the Saffolalife pledge to walk together to #protectherheart

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