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Site Statistics

Site Statistics
  • Page views per month - 3 million
  • Unique visitors in a month - 200,000 total visitors per month
  • Time spent on website - 10-12 minutes on average per user
  • Age - 66% of the visitors are in the 25 - 44 age group
Visitors Type
  • 70% of total visitors are upward moving retail investors
  • 80% visit our site for getting stock market related recommendations
  • 22% of total visitors are NRIs and HNI investors
  • Returning visitors vs. new visitors - 63.3 returning visitors and 36.7 new visitors
new vs returning visitors
As is evident, we have a high number of loyal users who keep returning to our website. We have grown and evolved immensely since we began in 2000. The one thing that has remained unchanged is the loyalty of our users.
Keeping users engaged is always our first priority, and this is this is why they keep coming back, day after day. The average time a user spends on our site speaks for itself. At an average of 10-12 minutes for every visit, you can be assured that your ads will get noticed by our users. Our audience is young, engaged, socio economically strong, educated and financially savvy. In other words, it’s the perfect target audience for your ads. Contact us

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