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Education sector: financial workshops, seminars and training

Knowledge is power! - Connect with a myriad of potential registrants, with IndiaNotes.
A training workshop not only establishes the fact that you have expertise in your field, but also reinforces the fact that you can help clients maximize their investment and plan their finances. And while training workshops and seminars are great, without the required number of sign ups, they can lead to significant losses.
How can we help?
  • It's quite simple, IndiaNotes is a financial aggregator. Our audience comes to us regularly to read up on the markets, personal finance, company reports etc. Whether it is beginners or experienced investors, investing and personal finance are fields where you need to be constantly up to date.
  • In fact a primary characteristic of a successful investor is that they are pro-active learners. They spend both time and effort on improving their knowledge. As Warren Buffet put it, ““The rich invest in time, the poor invest in money.”
  • They're willing to pay for knowledge. They read books, journals and magazines ranging from investing to personal development and attend seminars. Luckily for us, these very same people also spend a considerable amount of time on our website, thus making it the perfect place for you to advertise your workshop or seminar.
Our services include
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