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Decision making is a complicated process. Especially when it comes to our money!! So, we not only research to gather as much information as possible but also talk to experts, friends & family to learn from their experience. After all, experience is the name we all give to our mistakes. now provides you a platform to make that connection and carry on the conversation. How?

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After successfully registering on IndiaNotes Xchange you will be able to:
1. View your activity on Xchange. Also, see what your connections are doing

2. Create a Watchlist of Stocks, IPOs and Mutual Fund plans

3. Bookmark your favourite Articles and Authors

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Write blog posts and share your views with the world or just with your friends, if that’s what you prefer. You decide who gets to view and comment on your posts.

And if we like what you write, then you become a featured blogger on IndiaNotes Xchange.

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On our Forum page, you can create multiple forum topics in various categories, such as insurance, personal finance, mutual funds, economy, commodity, currency etc.  You can ask questions and give answers, have discussions, debates and share your knowledge.

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You can also create Groups, promote your Events and vote in Polls, chat with friends or make new ones…and we’re just getting started! We could sit here and list all the possibilities, but we’d rather you quit wasting time reading and start exploring.

So what are you still doing here? Go register now!