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Modern sim-only contracts, what do you need to know

Guest Author | 05 Dec, 2017  | Follow Author | Add to my Favourites 
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A great way to cut down monthly costs in your finances and save money in the long run is by opting for a SIM-only contract and using a phone you might currently have or buying one separate, but with such a plethora of offers available with modern contracts, it’s sometimes difficult to determine which offer is better for your needs as a user. In this article, I hope to arm you with the ability to make an informed decision on a contract choice based on your needs.

Freedom for you


SIM only phone deals can leave you with many more options, and generally remove the notion that you’re stuck in a scary contract for some time. In some SIM only offers, you can expect to receive a ‘1-month rolling’ option from the carrier – this essentially refers to a SIM deal which you can keep going as long as you wish, but also cancel at any time with usually a month notice. This is much more freeing than a traditional contract, in which you would be expected to pay until the end point of the contract or ‘buy out’ of the document by paying all of the remaining price (sometimes with interest) in one lump sum. Let’s say that you find a deal which has unlimited data from another carrier for half the price you currently pay monthly for a limited amount of data. With a rolling contract, you can very easily swap to this new plan by just cancelling your current contract and setting up the new one. Another more specific bonus of this kind of contract is that with the majority of carriers, the contract will change over time with new offers that the company might release in their newer deals – for instance if the carrier were to begin providing more data by default to every contract, you would also receive this, whereas if you were on an existing fixed term contract then you might be exempt from this kind of offer.



Great savings


Of course, the major element of getting this kind of contract is the money it would save you. A case study here can be an iPhone contract. With a specific provider, this might be £40 a month for something on the higher end of usage limits, and this would come with the usual frustration of a pesky upfront cost. A SIM only deal of the same calibre would be around £20 (with no upfront costs) – half the price of a contract involving the phone as well, with the additional freedom of leaving the contract any time. The great addition this kind of contract gives in terms of cost is the separation of the price of a phone and carrier prices. After finding your preferred SIM-only contract, you can find a good deal on a phone in a sale, whilst using your old phone for instance. Another great option is paying monthly for a phone using a separate payment plan if finances allow – this could be much more viable alongside no upfront costs from the contract. This can in some circumstances be cheaper than a traditional singular contract, however a payment plan would mean another long term contract to deal with, so it’s best to have a phone sorted beforehand.

Getting a shiny new phone is always a great part of a contract deal, that’s something I’m sure nobody would deny. However, getting a deal on that shiny new phone would be even better. A large number of providers have an ever increasing supply of SIM-free phones which are unlocked, and readily available for purchase at very reasonable prices. A fantastic resource to compare such deals is, where you can find comprehensive tools allowing you to quickly find sim free phone deals that might suit your needs. There’s a very wide choice of phones available everywhere, but it’s vital that the phone is unlocked if refurbished or locked to the network your SIM is on. After finding a suitable sim free phone, it’s easy to get set up with the contract of your choice and use the device as normal.



Much more accessibility


As with any lending process, there’s an assessment process with a contract which determines your ability to pay back what you owe. This is usually done through a credit check – something which younger people might not have, and some people might have previous history lowering. In a longer term contract, the requirements for passing a check are higher, whereas in a rolling one month contract the requirements are much lower, meaning that a SIM only contract is mostly much more accessible, allowing more people to pass the checks.

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